Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Some more awesome quilts I got to quilt. Yay!

Hey there folks! 
I hope you are all doing great. I have had the pleasure of quilting some pretty great quilts lately. Oh heck all the quilts I get to quilt are great. Here are 3 custom quilts I finished recently.

  • I quilt with a 30 inch Gammill Optimum that has a Statler Stitcher.
  • Most of my Custom quilting is done freehand but I do like to use the Statler when the quilt calls for it.
  • 2 of the 3 quilts in the post were quilted with Quilters Dream Wool Batting. Wool really makes the quilting pop.

The first quilt is a Metro Rings quilt that Betsy made. I used grey thread. What really makes this quilting pop is the little narrow 1/4 inch borders I defined the blocks with and the wool batting. I really love how this quilt turned out. I have wanted to quilt a Metro Rings quilt for a while and I was so excited to get to work on Betsy's fabulous quilt.

I was a little stumped on the wide border, so I quilted in a big fat free hand feather.

This quilt had lots of ruler work. My favorite rulers are my own half circle rulers and The Quilted Pineapple rulers. I love them and I think I used ALL the rulers on this quilt.

Next up is Laurie's wonderful Neighborhood quilt. I had a blast quilting this one. It is a good example of my Feathers, Lines and Swirls style quilting.

I used a silver So Fine #50 thread on this one and a blend batting. I was going for clouds and wind in the background and all the little houses are quilted a little different.

Gwen made this awesome Flamingo quilt. There was so much wonderful background to quilt! She wanted me to do my Feathers, Lines and Swirls technique on this quilt as well. I just love it. The pictures aren't awesome. I didn't have the best light.

This quilt also had Quilters Dream Wool batting and So Fine #50 thread. I used white thread in the background and a peachy orange thread for the flamingos.

So there are some of the quilts I have been quilting away on. I got to spend most of yesterday unpicking bad tension stitches from a quilt and moving it to my other machine. Everything was going awesome and then it wasn't.

Have a great day folks!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

KCMQG Block Or Every Other Month - #4 The Small Churn Dash

Hi there folks!

I hope you are all well and ready to make some great little quilt blocks. 

This is the 4th installment of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild Block of Every Other Month

Today I present to you the Small Churn Dash.  Isn't is so adorable? Daniella wanted to do Churn Dashes this month. The Churn Dash block is a classic in every sense of the word. I fussy cut the centers and I prefer the block on point, so I added the triangles on the sides. This is optional (as are most things right?) you can easily just omit the triangles and make it a traditional square block.

Here is the video Daniella and I worked on showing how to make the block. Daniella is the sweetest lady.

Here are Daniella's Churn Dash blocks as a table runner. Hers look like crosses the way she worked her colors and her HST (half square triangle) corner blocks don't have a specific background color. I love how you can make blocks look totally different just by color placement.

Here is how I have used the blocks in my quilt. I really am trying to NOT make a Medallion quilt, but the quilt seems to want to be a medallion. I do have a plan to force it into another configuration. I am really loving how this quilt is coming together. If you are following along I would love to see yours.

Cutting instructions:
  • Center 2 1/4 inch square
  • Churn Dash 3 1/4 inch square and 1 1/4 inch x 10 inch strip
  • First background 2 1/4 inch square and 1 1/4 inch  x 10 inch strip
  • Second background 5 1/2 inch square (this can actually be a 6 inch square that way you won't loose your points like I did)
* in the picture above I have already sewn my 2 strips together ready to submit into the pieces of the churn dash and background.

*the video will show me sewing around the 4 sides of the 3 1/4 inch squares and then cutting them in half diagonally twice as well.

Cut your second background in half twice diagonally

The corner HST blocks will be 2 inches. Submit the strip pieced part into 4 x 2 1/2 inch pieces and piece the block like it is show above.

Last sew on the 4 triangles pieces and trim the block to about 6 1/2 inches. Be careful with your pressing as the triangles are cut on the bias and tend to distort. I don't mind this as I can force them into the piecing easier, but some folks don't like this. It does;t bother me in the slightest.

Have the best day and let me know what your quilts are looking like! Ask questions below in comments if you have them. I may have left something out. Next time will be wonky stars...my all time favorite.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Some Quilts I Quilted for folks

Hi There!

Way back in June I taught 5 classes at the Kansas City Regional Quilt festival (KCRQF). It was so fun! There was a crazy amount of work to get ready for it (and for my first class I was really nervous and totally forgot to show my samples. Whoops.) I was also working on client quilts right up until the end. As always before a class I decide that I need a last minute quilt to add to the mix. 

I decided to do another Quilt as You Go on the Longarm quilt. Thats right! An entire twin sized quilt quilted and pieced on the longarm. Is the word long arm or longarm? It is my job, but I don't know which version is the proper one.  Anyway....I found working on this quilt to be such a treat to myself. It was a really soothing break from class prep...but it was class prep!

I sort my scraps by solids and prints, then I resort them according to color. I pulled out all my solid scraps and made kinda log cabin blocks with them on a big piece of backing fabric.

I was just going to do straight lines, but it gets too boring for me so I ended up adding in some more quilting textures.

I absolutely LOVE how this quilt turned out. This is a class I am teaching, so if you are curious about it get a group together and invite me to come teach. You will love it.

I even added in some Welsh style borders!

So now, lets look at some quilts I quilted for folks.

I quilted Lynn's Llamas with my favorite Feathers, Lines and Swirls technique (this was one of the 5 classes I taught at KCRQF and I am more than willing to teach you too. Again, get a group together and invite me to your guild) There was so much beautiful negative space so I filled it up.

I especially love the fur on the llamas.

I quilted one of Latifah Saffir's quilts for quilt market. The one right behind us. I even went to quilt market! It was so fun to walk around and meet all the wonderful characters from the fabric world and it was so great to put faces to names I have been emailing with for years. Latifah is the sweetest lady!

I quilted this awesome Star quilt for Pam. Pam always chooses the best colors. I want to copy this quilt exactly. It is quilted with an e2e named Serpentine.

Here is one of Sharon's quilts. I quilted a Baptist fan on it. I never get pictures of all the e2e quilts I do. The machine quilts them so quickly they are out the door before I know what happened. The custom jobs hang around a great deal longer so I feel they all need to be documented.

I quilted Jenifer Dick's Scissors. She wanted jagged lines and jagged lines were fun to do!

This was a special quilt I quilted for Carol. It has names and special words quilted into the background. Her brother recently passed away and the quilt is for her father.

I also quilted Lynn and Sandi's challenge quilt for KCRQF. This was weeks of work, but I get terrible pictures of it and you can barely see the quilting

Last up today is this fun quilt I quilted for Taylor. Taylor rescues vintage quilt blocks and uses them to finish the makers vision.  This was a fun quilt to work on. Traditional style quilting takes so much longer than more modern quilting, but boy is it worth it.

I have a million other blog posts to type up, so check back. and type a quick comment to let me know you are there. Being an artist working from my home studio can be lonely work. It is nice to know you are there.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 26, 2017

KCMQG Block of Every Other Month - Needle Turn Appliqué vine border

Hey there Folks! 

I hope you have all be doing well. I have been swamped with teaching, quilting and summer fun with my own family. I dropped the ball on getting this June's KCMQG Block of Every Other Month up on the blog. It has been up on the Youtube for sometime, but in case you are looking for it here on the blog I bet you were sad when you couldn't find it. It is an Appliqué border! Huzzah!!!! I like to do my appliqué as needle turn, but you certainly can do it as fusible or machine appliqué. If you know me, you know I am not a big rule follower, so you have permission to do it however you want. I just love the look of mixing patchwork and appliqué. I did 2 different videos for this border. One is kind of an overview and the other is more of a close up. Like you are sitting beside me and we are sewing together.

I chose hand appliqué for our summer challenge because I LOVE doing a little hand work in the summer. It is nice to have a little something to work on by the pool or in the car during road trips.

You can find the template pieces for the flowers and leaves HERE and on my website tiacurtisquilts.com

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Strip Pieced Pyramid Blocks Tutorial

 Hi there!

I am here with the second installment of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild Block Of Every Other Month ( #KCMQGboeom) its a mouthful for sure! So this month we are doing strip pieced pyramid blocks. Anything strip pieced is awesome. It always looks like you worked really hard, but it actually really simple. I am showing how to make the basic block, what you do with it is up to you. I choose to use my pyramids in a border around the Lone Star block from February. You can do that, or here are some more options.

This is the way I used my pyramid blocks for my BOM. I used them as a border. You can use your blocks in many different ways though.

This layout is alternate pyramids

This is regular pyramids.

This layout is diamonds.

I made so very many pyramids that I have enough to make a whole quilt. I will be staggering my pyramids and adding a lot of negative space so I can play with quilting the heck out of it.

If you follow my video tutorial I would love to see what you make! I think these videos are pretty fun. Please let me know what you think. We have fixed the audio problem from the first video so that is good. Also, let me know if there is something you would like to see. I plan to add some long arm quilting videos as well but let me know if you would like to see a specific type of block or quilting design I can do almost anything and my mind is always so full it is hard to pick from the options.

Have a great day and happy sewing!


I won a Cotton+Steel Bernina. Crazy right?

Hi there everyone!

I sure hope you and your loved ones are all healthy and happy. We are good here. I have so many great things to share that I feel like I may burst. I get to go pick up the Cotton+Steel Bernina sewing machine that I won. What?!?!?! Yes indeed! I WON a Bernina sewing machine I still feel like it is a dream. So so crazy. So tomorrow I will find out if it is all a big hilarious joke or not. You all know that Cotton+Steel is my favorite fabric, so much so that I order it by the bolts so I can have unfettered access to it...and I sell some on the side in my shop.

Alice from Bernina asked which one I wanted and I choose the blue one. I mean heck, not only did I win a Bernina sewing machine, I also get to PICK which one I want. Its name is Hello Lovely. Isn't that sweet. Well, I will know more tomorrow. I get to go to Mea Bernina in Lawrence, Kansas and take 2 classes on how to operate the new machine. Goodness Gracious I am so excited!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Grocery Bag Tutorial

We made another video tutorial! This one is for making simple grocery bags. I hope you like it! I have a bit of a cold so it slowed me down a little. I have been meaning to make myself some bags for the grocery store for ages now as the old ones I have are slowly tattering away. 


1/2 yard of Home Dec or Canvas fabric
2 yards of heavy cotton twill tape for the straps
regular sewing supplies (sewing machine, thread, ruler. rotary cutter, scissors and pins)

So let me know what you think and let me know what you would like to see in the future.

I buy my heavyweight cotton twill tape from Twilltape.com This is an actual link to the roll of twill tape that I use. It is 1.25 inches and comes on a 72 yard roll. I use it for straps, apron ties and sometimes I even use it as binding around the top of quilted bags. It is great stuff folks.