Saturday, February 10, 2018

Crazy Daisy Tutorial - BOEOM #7

HI There!

Welcome to another episode of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild BOEOM (Block Of Every Other Month) We are on block 7 - the Crazy Daisy!!!! This is a super cute block that is fun to make. As you can see below this is what my quilt top looks like. I have finished the top so you can see where we will be going from here. I didn't do a video this month...too much was going on and I just couldn't find the time to plan it out. An old fashioned picture tutorial will have to do.

Here are the Crazy Daisy blocks. One has a pieced center and one has an appliqué center. I think both are fun, you choose what you like best.

April I will show how to do the hump blocks. I am not wild about that name, so if you have a good one let me know. They are really fun and surprisingly versatile depending on how you use them.

So here is the finished block. I trimmed mine to 6 inches, you can trim yours smaller if you like. I also fussy cut the center, it looks great if you aren't fussy, but I felt the need to make it just a little more complicated. Its the way I roll.

I like to strip piece. So I cut my pieces as WOF (Width of Fabric) and make several blocks at one time since I am sitting there anyway. This set of instructions is for just one block.

You will need:

  • One 6" x 6" background square
  • Two 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles
  • One 4.5" x 4.5" square of fabric you would like for your daisy
  • One 1" x 1" square for the center of the daisy

Sew the two background rectangles to two opposite sides of the daisy colored square. Press the seams.

Sub cut the pieced bit into four 1" segments. There will be a tiny bit of leftover.

Cut the 6" background square in half diagonally.

Sew one of the petal pieces into the cut. Press the seams towards the background for this first petal. The rest of the  daisy seams will be pressed towards the petal pieces.

Cut the piece in half again on the diagonal.

Sew another petal piece into the cut and press the seams towards the petal piece. I think the block looks pretty great at this point. If you ever need an X block, here you go.

You can piece the center of the daisy anytime. Just cut one of the petal pieces in half and sew the 1" center into the cut. Press the seams towards the petals.

Cut the flower again in half through the center of the X and piece in another petal. Press the seams toward the petal piece.

Cut the flower piece in half one more time. The center of the last petal piece should nest perfectly with the previous piece. Here is a bad close up picture with pins (even though I don't really pin this block in real life).

This is what your Crazy Daisy block should look like.

Here is a picture of the seam side. I always think it is helpful to see the seam side. You can see how the first petal piece was pressed towards the background, but all the other seams are pressed towards the petals.

Last step is to trim the block. I trimmed the block to 6 inches, but you can certainly trim it smaller or even make it asymmetrical. You can do a lot with this block. The petals don't have to be even sizes, you can make them wonky or when you cut the block to piece the petals you can cut is crazy. That is fun too. I tried hard to make this one nice and symmetrical so you would all be impressed. In real like I make mine pretty wild.

OK, have fun making these! I would love to see yours on Instagram. Just tag them with #KCMQGboeom. Yay! Oh and lat me know if you have any questions in the comment section.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Quilted Boxy Zipper Bag Tutorial

Hi There and Yay to 2018!!! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday break. I know I am already way back in the swing of my work so I figured I should blog. My resolution for 2018 is to blog more. I do so much fabulous sewing and I have gotten out of the habit of documenting it. It gets given away or sold and I never see or think of it again...its like it never happened.

My husband and I have already made a video tutorial over on Youtube for the way I make Quilted Boxy Zipper Bags. Please go over and have a look. If you are visiting from Youtube, welcome! I am so happy you are here. I have quite a few tutorials here (and over on my old blog) the list is over on the right hand side of the blog as well as several video tutorials over on Youtube. Poke around a bit and make yourself at home. Feel free to make comments or suggestions for future videos too. 

Here is the video if you don't want to go to youtube.

The lighting is funny, but it sure showed all the lint and pet fur on the navy blue fabric. I used a really cheap sheet as the quilt back and it just acted as a magnet to any lint, fur, hair and thread. yippee.

OK, so a couple things that will be important if you want to make the zipper bags. Below is a quick shot of the dimensions for the different sized bags. It is not fancy and it is really the technique I wanted to showcase, not really the pattern. I just wing it whenever I make them anyway. I find a zipper to fit the quilted bit I have ready to go and move on from there. But maybe you want more structure? I get that. I am here for you!

If you want a closer look at how I put in the zippers, here is a LINK to a picture heavy blog I did a couple years ago. It might help you.

I will have the same info below with a couple sample bags pictured too. I have your back!


More bags!

Both of these bags are made from the same 10" x 16" quilted piece. I just used a different sized zipper and did the sides and boxing of the corners different.

Boxy Zipper Bag

The large bag = 14" sport zipper and 15"x 21" quilt

The Small bag = 9" zipper and a  10" x 16" quilt

Tall Curved top bags
Wide Bag = 12" zipper and 10" x 16" quilt

Skinny Bag = 6" zipper and 7" x 13" quilt

Pencil Bags
*this is the only bag where you will sew the zipper along the longer edge of the quilt sandwich. All the other bags get the zipper sewn along the shorter edges. Muy Importante!!! 

Large bag = 12" zipper and 13" x 11" quilt

Small Bag= 10" zipper and 11" x 9" quilt

So folks, use these formulas to make some great zipper bags. This is just the jumping off place. Go bigger, go smaller do your thing! Practice your quilting and make some great little projects. These are perfect for gifts or to organize your stuff.

I buy my zippers from ZIPIT on Etsy. Her (or his) prices can't be beat and the selection is too awesome.

Ok, let me know if you have any questions!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

KCMQG Block of Every Month #6 The Improv Spike Border

Hey there folks!

Here is the sixth portion of the #KCMQGBOEOM. Improv Spike borders are awesome! They are really great looking and are quick and easy to make. I made a video, so the instructions are there. I have all the other videos on my Youtube channel and there are also links to them on my website. 

You can see how my version of the quilt is coming along. I am trying to figure out the last part that will be available next year. Between you and me I really just want to get one to the best part...the Quilting!!!!!!

Here is the video. I bet you will be able to see it better on Youtube, but I can't figure out how to make it bigger here. Oh well.

The Improv Spike can just be used as individual blocks too. 

Yay Improv Spikes!!!


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

KCMQG Block of Every Other Month #5 - The Wonky Star

HI there! 
Thank you so much for shopping from me this Holiday season. It really means the world to me. I am a tiny business and most of my time is spent quilting. I don't make time to market my shop and that has been a poor decision on my part. For those of you who have sought out my shop and bought fabric, patterns and things from me I truly truly thank you. 

Hi There! Are you ready for the next Part of the KCMQG BOEOM?
 It is stars! I love stars. I always turn to these wonky little stars when I am feeling my quilting muse has abandoned me and I'm not totally sure what to make, but I feel like I must make something!

I love to use ombre or gradient dyed fabric. I used Cotton+Steel Pigment Gradients for these stars. I think the different shades really add so much to my quilts. I used Navy and Marigold. The two different sizes really make the stars shimmer.

I have a Youtube video for you to watch if you want to. 

Wonky Stars are easy to make. They are basically a 9 patch block, and those are super easy right?

I used 2 different sizes, a biggish one and a little one.
The bigger one is made using 2.5 inch squares and the little ones are made with 1.5 inch squares.

You will need: 
8 background squares
5 squares for the star.

Cut 4 of the star squares in half diagonally, keep the 5th square for the center of the star.

Choose 4 background squares and lay 4 of the star points on the lower right corner pretty side down like the picture above. When you do this hold them down at the stitch line to make sure after you sew them the star points will cover all the triangle part behind the point. I don't always do this step, at this point in my quilt making life I can eyeball it pretty well so I don't check. If you are new to this type sewing do check. It will save you some frustration.

Sew them all down. If I am going to be making a bunch of stars I chain piece these puppies by the bucket full.

Flip over and press the star point down then trim away the extra fabric so there isn't a lot of bulk. This step will make it easier when it comes time to quilt your quilt.

Do the same thing with the other 4 star points. 

Same sewing 

Same pressing and trimming

The last step is going to be sewing the block together and trimming it to whatever size you want it to be. If its too small add some fabric, if its too big trim it down. Easy Peasy.

After you have made your stars you can make them into a border I used 13 large stars and 10 small stars. I knew I wanted my border to be 10 inches wide, so I added more of the Navy gradient dyed fabric to make the star segments 10 inches wide. Then I scattered them around the 2 sides of the quilt and filled in with more fabric. Not very fancy or precise, but that is how I work.

I used a bunch of the stars in this Menagerie Eclipse quilt too. Once you get going you will knock out a big stack and have so many stars you don't know what to do with them!

So I am making the next blocks already. Just to tempt you a little they will be spikes!

Have the best day!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cyber Monday sale!!!!

Good Morning!!! 

I am having a Cyber Monday sale on everything in my shops! 10% off EVERYTHING in both my etsy shop AND my website shop. I loaded up a bunch of face studies, fabric, quilts and aprons. Everything is on sale.

use code 


at checkout. 

Until Tuesday. Sale ends Tuesday.

I know you will be bombarded with sale emails and offers. I feel like I have been carpet bombed for months about Christmas shopping. I don't want to be a bother I promise, but I have some pretty great stuff that you can make great things with or that you will be happy to give as a gift (or keep for yourself). I have not done a sale before, so this is new to me. Im trying to figure it all out! Yay.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Studio Apron Pattern

Hi There!

I hope you are all doing well. We are great. Gearing up for the holidays for sure. We are having people over for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yikes. Half of my downstairs quilt lair has been converted into a guest room for my sister and her husband to stay when they come at Christmas. We have also been cleaning the house like a herd of enchanted gnomes, yet magically it dirties itself right back up. 

I spend my day working in my basement. I quilt and cut fabric and sew from time to time. I also love to wear an apron. I suppose it stems from when my sister and I would cook with our mom as kids. She had a big drawer filled with dish towels and our Grandmothers old aprons. We would pick out our aprons and we got to cook. My favorite was a pink gingham smock style apron. It was easy to button in the back. I think about that apron so many times, so I drafted one for myself.  I wear it as my work uniform (I wear other stuff too, not just an apron. The basement is too chilly for that nonsense). The apron I wear normally is a simple smock style apron with a big pocket to hold my phone, scissors and a lip balm. I made it fancy by adding some lovely hand tatted lace that I bought at a shop in Weston. I love that apron so much. When I put it on it is like immediately getting in the zone. I am ready to work. Sometimes I am so focused on work that time slips away from me and my alarm goes off warning me it is time for the mail run and school pick up. I have to dash out of the house and more often than not I forget I have my apron on. All the sudden strangers in the post office compliment me and my wonderful outfit and ladies ask me where I bought my top at the grocery store. I say "Thanks! I made it." I do like to say that. Well, now you can say that too! I made a pattern for the apron! You can get it on my website and print it off in your home, or take the file to a print shop with a large scale printer (that is what I do).

The PDF pattern is available now and soon we will have some paper patterns available. Seriously this is the easiest apron to make. One piece of fabric, as many pockets as you want to sew on, easy tomato fancy and tart up if that is what blows your hair back. These are so cute in Cotton+Steel linen canvas, but that are great in all sorts of fabric. I am currently making them in the faded green canvas from an old Thermos tent. I have several aprons listed in my shop that I made while testing out the pattern. If you don't sew that might be an option for you.

 Here is my little model out doing her thing in one of the aprons that I added a ruffle to. See how the back snaps? It is so easy guys!

This is me in a longer version. It dawned on me that I'm pretty short. Most of humanity is taller than me, so I added some extra fabric onto the bottom of this one with a French Seam. 

I will be making a video soon to show how to make the apron if that is helpful, but frankly I don't think it is necessary. It is really the easiest pattern. If you make one I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it!

Now that I have discovered Adobe Illustrator get ready for all sorts of patterns! They have been clogged in my head for so long.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More quilts have been quilted

Hey there folks!

I have been busy busy busy down in my quilt lair. So busy in fact that many quilts have left the house without being photographed. Oh well.... Lets look at some I managed to get shots of.

This is a Pickled Beets quilt that I quilted for Kelly. She wanted it ultra feminine, with massive cabbage roses all over it. She that is what I did. Between the large scale quilting and the wool batting this will be one ultra fluffy quilt.

I took the Pickled Beets workshop that Latifah taught when she came to Kansas City, but I am no where near as focused on finishing my projects as Kelly is.

This next one is by Klonda. I loved those cute pinwheels and I decided they needed some wind to blow them.

So this one got big spirals and wind.

I lift the black squares and the pinwheels unquieted so they would pop with the wool batting.

This is an Eclipse quilt I made for myself. When the Cotton+Steel Menagerie fabric came into my shop I couldn't help but cut it up and make a quick quilt. You can find the Menagerie fabric in my etsy shop. Go yourself and buy it all. I would like that very very much.

I made an eclipse moon with reverse Appliqué. I made this quilt quite some time ago now that I think about it.

I wrote in the larger stars some info about the eclipse like how long the totality lasted and where the eclipse happened. I saw this on an antique quilt and knew I had to add this to mine. I quilted it with an edge to edge design named Modern Curves. I programed the machine to jump over the stars and then I came back and quilted them in later. The texture on this quilt is so great. I love how soft and lovely the drape is.

I spent weeks quilting this lovely quilt for Morgan. The traditional ones take me so much longer. She wanted the quilting to create a secondary design in the background. You will be able to see it better on the picture of the back. I had rather lousy light to get the pictures.

The back is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

I quilted this one for Lori. It turned out so pretty, but again the pictures stink. Sorry.

I did straight lines in the purple areas and swirls in the pale and yellow backgrounds.

Oh and I did this whole cloth for my bed this winter. It is made with Essex linen in Aqua and the back is the most beautiful lawn from Allison Glass. This whole quilt was inspired by Alison's booth at Spring quilt market. Karlee Porter had quilted a gorgeous large scale whole cloth quilt on linen and I knew that I would need to make myself one before the year was out.

This is a little better detail picture. Maybe it is just my eyes and you all can see fine. I had to get glasses a couple months ago and I swear it is humbling to have to use them. I made it almost 43 years without needing help, but now I NEED them, of course I hide them from myself all over the house. That's always fun.

Have the best day!