Sunday, April 5, 2020

Make Protective Fabric Face masks with your Long Arm quilting machine.

Use your digital quilting machine to stitch out protective face masks. The digital pattern I designed is for use with the pleated mask. It has reinforced 1/2 inch gaps in each of the four corners to insert either elastic or Cotton ties depending on availability and preference.

You can find my FREE digital patter HERE

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Friday, February 21, 2020

"A Lesson on Improv Curves" quilt pattern

Hi There!

I know it has been ages since I wrote an actual blog post. I like the idea of blogging, but finding the time is another story.

I showed up here today to tell you about my newest pattern. I have been playing with improv curved blocks for several years and I finally have it down to a fun technique that I can almost do blindfolded. 

This pattern is written like one of my classes. It is full of color pictures of step by step instructions to make both simple and complicated blocks. I love making curves so very much. Please give this pattern a look if you feel like it might be a technique you would like to add to your quilt making tool box.

I'm excited to present this pattern to you in PDF form on my website. And happily enough I am also running a Studio Sale to celebrate the reboot of my website shop. You can get 20% off orders of $25 or more, so you can pick up some lovely fabric and a pattern or two. Use coupon code STUDIOSALE at checkout.

I made the cover quilt with Wonder fabric by Katie Larson and PBStudios solids. I love this collection so much. The large scale prints are perfect for simple curves and the solids make such great companions.

I made this version with the Harriet companion prints that go with Carolyn Friedlander's recent collection. I love how calm this version is compared to the one above.

Now, this version was one of my first dabbles into curved piecing. I made these quilt blocks from the small inside curve out to the lager curves. I also cut my pieced curves in half and inserted narrow stripe strips before finally nestling the curves into their silver backgrounds.

This version had both large curves and small curves. I felt it needed more, so I inserted charcoal crosses.

This last version was made a couple days before the first time I taught this quilt at my LQS. I felt I needed at least one more sample. I wanted to work on a rather chaotic layout so after trimming up all the blocks I shoved them into a paper bag and sewed them together as I took them out of the bag. It made for really making a fun layout. 

I loaded the quilt up onto my Gammill long arm initially intending to quilt it very simply with an edge to edge design, but I lost control and filled the quilt up with custom quilting. My husband decided it should be named "Cruising Altitude" because it kinda looks like farm land when seen from above. These fabrics are almost all hand dyed by me from a dying jag I had a couple years ago. I like how soft and faded the quilt it. The back is a Silver Cotton Sateen that makes the quilt have such a lovely soft feel. This is the last thing I am going to say about the quilt before signing off. I used Bamboo batting from Winline. The batting is so soft and wonderful. I have wanted to add a good Bamboo batting to the battings I offer clients for some time. This one is just perfect. It is thick enough show off pretty quilting, but the drape is elegant.

Happy Quilting Folks!!!


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Making Bias with the Oliso Travel Iron and Clover Bias makers

Hey there! I hope you have all been well. Autumn has descended on Eastern Kansas. It is absolutely beautiful outside with all the leaves changing colors. I have ben busy, but aren't we all? I have several blog posts in various states of editing going on about all the awesome trips I made this year to teach my love of quilting both with Gammill and on my own, but I start them and just can't finish for some reason.

Here is a quick video of how I make Bias strips for use in Appliqué. I keep saying Oliso incorrectly....Olisio...nope. And I couldn't remember that Soak makes Flatter spray starch. Dangit. Oh well, I am sure you know.

I know I will be asked, so here is the width you need to cut your strips

1/3 inch Clover Bias Maker cut 7/8 inch strips

1/4 inch Clover Bias Maker Cut 5/8 inch strips

If you are reading this I would love to know what your favorite notions are. I am planning to do a series of notion reviews and I am curious if we like the same thing.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hi There!

Hi There! My friend recently took a couple head shots for me. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. I was told at a teaching gig recently that I don't look anything like my publicity photo. I assume that I am clearly more stunning in real life (just kidding, I know what I look like). My daughter took my other pictures right after going to the salon. I do love a blow out and I feel so fancy with straight hair...but in real life my hair is kinda curly. I never take any time with it. I guess I should look in pictures like I do in real life. Nicole did a great job with these pictures and she made me look skinny too. So now when you see me roaming around in the wild you will recognize me, come say hi.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fall Fabric Sale!

Hi There!
As the days are cooling off and the leaves are changing all I want to do is sew! I figure I may not be the only one. I am running a sale on fabric in my ETSY shop. 15% off fabric sales of $25 or more use coupon code FALLFUN. Go treat yourself! 

I have several new prints including Akoma and Steno Pool. I am especially LOVING the new Front Yard Sunflower knit. I made a Montlake t-shirt and I just LOVE it!