Thursday, November 22, 2012

Texas flag quilts!!!!!

Hey there! I finished 2 more Texas flag quilts this week. The first one was a top that a friend made and I quilted it for her. The other one I made for a lady in New Braunfels.

I still love quilting this quilts. I have a couple more to make....but I want to branch out to other flags too I think.....We shall see.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

My next quilt to make .... After I have finished a couple others

I love the tutorials that Missouri Star Quilt Company does! Some of my fastest and favorite quilts are made with her tutorials. I hear that her shop is near by and I want to go! Maybe I can rustle up some friends to go with me. Jenny Doan came to our KCMQG and I declare that she blew my mind during that meeting! OH, and she was so funny....and her husband was precious holding up all her quilts and peeping over the tops. If you have rogue layer cakes or charm packs laying around, hunt through her tutorials and you will be sure to find something brilliant to make!

Anyway, this one is awesome and I want to make this quilt!

 I have another Texas flag quilt to finish today! I know.....yet another. But I think they are fabulous.

OK, Happy sewing!

Tia Curtis

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moms quilt for Laura

Hey there! Here is the latest quilt I have finished. My mom made this top before her surgeries (yes, more than one surgery. After her brain surgery to remove some tumors, she had to have her rotator cuff repaired in her shoulder. According to mom the rotator cuff repair has been worse than any of her brain surgeries.) Well, I think mom did a spectacular job on this quilt. Last year for Christmas I gave mom Sarah Fielke's book "Quilting from little things" and this was mom favorite quilt in the book. She took the book to the quilt shop and had the shop lady help her pull the right fabrics because she wanted it just like Sarah's quilt.

SO many seams to quilt around in the body of the quilt. The main seams are stitched in the ditch then filled in with fancy. I wanted to daisy petals to pop a bit, so I only ditch stitched them and added pebbles to the centers of the flowers.

Mom wanted me to do lots of my swirls, so that is the body of the quilt. 

Here is the back of the quilt. 

I did add a fern vine...I just couldn't resist. It had to go in that white part of the boarder. And the quilt is already bound! I am so pleased with how quick I bound this quilt. Literally as soon as I trimmed the quilt up I began to bind it. I only took a break to start dinner. Right now the quilt is in the wash so it can be all crinkly and awesome when we give it to my little sister for Christmas.

Just so you know, Laura does not read my blog...I actually don't think anyone in my family reads my blogs for they never comment. But I love them anyway. I have to assume the quilt will be a bit of a surprise for Laura...but I know mom already showed her the top before sending it to me. Lots of love is in this quilt Laura.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Totally NOT a square quilt

Hey there! I have just finished quilting another quilt. It is one of mine. I made the blocks last month at an Improv workshop with Denyse Schmidt (with the KCMQG). I used Denyse Schmidt's paper bag technique to make the blocks.

Honestly this is not my best quilt ever. For real. It was really fun to make and I think it really broke me out of a slump, but this was one funny quilt to quilt. Since it was so wonky I decided on just doing swirls and pebbles in the background and wavy lines in the blocks.

I will not be squaring this quilt up at all. I am going to bind it just like it is.  My little guy has already asked for this it may be a Christmas present for him.

The swirls are absurdly fast to quilt and I really like the pebbles thrown in for good measure. The first block I quilting I got a bit carried away on, so one is not wavy lines.

Anyway, one Christmas present mostly down!


Texas Flag quilt #8 for Carla

 Good Morning! I am on my way to mail a couple things. Among them is this Texas flag quilt for Carla. I really love quilting these flag quilts.

I think this is the 8th one I have made. I wish I would have started numbering them right from the start, but I didn't know how many I would end up making. There are several that are unaccounted for in San Angelo...But I think I have made 8 in this size.

These really are so fun to is almost hypnotic. I am only snapped out of it when the kids come downstairs and inquire as to what is for dinner. Thank goodness I have them otherwise I would quilt right on through meals.

This is another little quilt I am working on from time to time. I am planning 4 different boarders. And I am needle turning the appliqué, so it is a good project to work on when I am at doctor or dentist appointments...or riding in the car.  No big rush on this is just something fun to work on.

I hope you are having a great day!

And I hope you get a chance to get out and vote! I voted last week. Apparently I am still a Texan, so I mailed my ballot in.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

A quilt for Mary

Hey there. Here is the quilt I finished last night after my little spooks went to bed. I think it looks like moss and lichen. Mary wanted the quilt to be quilted with a simple all over design and a custom boarder.

I quilted these figure 8 designs in the main body of the quilt and a big fat feather for the outside boarder.

The feather is my favorite right now. It is in the style of Sally Terry. She has several books out, but the one I have is Hooked on Feathers. It is good and she has a really great technique if you are interested in different feathers.

I love the back of this quilt so much. Mary choose a great fabric for it, it feels like Art Gallery fabric and it makes a great swish sound.

All in all I am quite pleased with how this quilt turned out. Mary sent along some thread that she wanted me to use. It was a big cone of King Tut variegated cotton. I love King Tut thread, but I had a couple places where the top thread was not perfectly balanced with the bobbin, so I need to fix those spots with a self threading needle...I still have a bit of work before I send this fellow up to Canada.

Happy Quilting!