Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving folks! I hope you all got lots of great food to enjoy with wonderful folks. I know we sure did. I have not even been down into my studio all day! I may rectify that in a second as I have a lovely lone star quilt I am working on and it is calling to me…but time with my little family is so sweet.

If you have the time and energy I hope you all have a wonderfully crafty long weekend!

Tia Curtis

Book Winner

The Winner Is!!!!!

I like to use a clear paper where I can draw different designs to see how they will look on my quilt. So, I ask quite a few questions about how much I want the quilting to show or the piecing to show. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book. I really like the quilting designs you used on the quilt.

Thanks so much everyone for playing along! What a great bunch of questions. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blog Book Tour!

Good Morning and welcome to my blog for the Book tour of Classic Modern Quilts! If you are new here let me introduce myself. I am Tia Curtis. I am a long arm quilter. If my name sounds familiar I have another blog and business making bags (Camp Follower Bags and Quilts) but I am focusing more on long arm quilting instead of bag making. At any rate Welcome!!!!! I am so excited you are here and I am thrilled to participate in this book tour.

I quilted Tammie's Diamonds in the Rough quilt this summer right before taking off for the beach. I had such a great time quilting it. I love the combination of traditional strip pieced diamonds in various sizes but with lots of open background and sunny modern tones.

Before quilting for someone I always ask 3 questions. The first one to the client "How do you want it quilted?" Typically they tell me to do whatever I want. That is a great answer, but it takes me onto my next 2 questions….

"How would I quilt this quilt if I was going to hand quilt it?" 

I really look at the structure of the quilt and what was important to the quilt maker. Some quilts really sing with an edge to edge design, but others need special treatment. How can I add strength to the quilt with my stitching but both reinforcing the piecing and defining the design elements?

my third question is….

"If I lived back in the early 1900s and was a quilter…but magically I had access to a modern long arm as well as the knowledge to operate it…how would I quilt this quilt?

Obviously I decided to quilt this quilt with swirls and straight lines the cherries on top are the tiny pebbles that are mixed into the swirls. Pebbles go with just about any type of modern quilting.

OK, that is enough of my babbling. Next time when you are stuck on how to quilt a quilt ask yourself my 3 questions and see if you gain any perspective.

Soooo who wants a book? The good folks from Kansas City Star quilts and My Stars blog are giving away copies of Classic Modern Quilts! I would love to choose you. To win tell me another question you ask yourself (or your quilter) before quilting your quilts. Let me know down in the comments and I will choose the winner on Sunday the 24th of november by random selection.

If you don't win you can order the book from the Pickledish Store. It is a great little book with some lovely quilts inside.

Have a great day and good luck!

Tia Curtis

Be sure to check out Tammie's Blog today and Amy's blog tomorrow for another chance to win

Nov. 11: Lisa Calle,
Nov. 12: Lynne Goldsworthy,
Nov. 13: Lauren Hunt,
Nov. 14: Heather Kojan,
Nov. 15: John Kubiniec,
Nov. 18: Adrianne Ove,
Nov. 19: Trisch Price,
Nov. 20: Tammie Schaffer, and Tia Curtis,
Nov. 21: Amy Smart,
Nov. 22: Susan Strong,

 Thanks so much for participating in the blog tour!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some WIPs

I am busy as usual down here in my quilt lair. Let me show you a bit of what I have been up to. In this shot you can see that I was working on a bag when I got up and wondered off to do something else. There are several small projects tossed over my standing lamp that I will get to someday.

Here is one of 2 T-shirt quilts I need to finish by Christmas. I just wanted to play a bit with what I have so far. There is still a stack of T-shirts to cut up and make play their part in this story.

I have been playing around with some of my orphan blocks. This may be a quilt, several quilts or just some inspiration for an entirely different quilt. Who really knows? All I know is that one should never have an empty design wall.

My old rocker filled with quilts that either need to be picked up, are waiting for backing or are ready to ship out. My very techno savvy black board of quilts that need to be quilted. pretty flash right?

Some of my favorite fabric waiting to become something magical and one of my favorite kids on the planet playing with my lint roller. I have about 6 of them scattered around the sewing room but they tend to run off with my seam rippers.

more quilts on herb racks waiting to be quilted. Thankfully I am a pretty quick quilter so they don't have to stay there very long. I am waiting to get my other Long arm back from a refurbishing so I can have 2 quilts going at once, or rent one of them out to those who want to quilt with me. 

This is a stack of fabric waiting to become a grand quilt. Nothing like a stack of Kaffe Fassett to brighten your day!

I did go ahead and sew up the sides of this bag while I was down taking pictures. First I dig the new BDUs to Afghanistan, second I love how this bag turned out! It is a big surprise for a lady whose very sweet husband contacted me from the war in Afghanistan asking me to make his wife a bag for Christmas. How could I say no? It has been a pretty long time since I made one of my Camp Follower Bags. Frankly I want to either write them all into patterns for who ever wants to make their own , or write a book with instructions. I have been making them for 10 years and I am ready to take the next step whatever that is.

And I love these little fellas. Sam with his crazy winter hair and Ethan with his heart of gold. 2 of the best things I have ever made!

Have a great day and come back tomorrow for a book give away!!!!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

I have been featured in some books and magazines lately.

I have patterns in all these magazines! My quilting is in the book on top and in 1,2,3 Quilt (but I think I left it at work or in the van so it missed out on the picture) Hard for me to believe, but I do. All from just this year too. What will next year bring? I hope it brings a book deal so I can finally have closure with my Camp Follower Bags. The top 4 are on shelves now.

Tia Curtis

Cross and Crown and Maple leaves KC Star BOM

OK here we are for month 2 of the KC Star BOM. I know I have been tardy in posting and If you missed the get together over at my house I was very sad to not get to sew with you. I am working a tiny bit these days, but it is stunning to me how just a little bit of work (2 days a week and 2 saturdays a month) cut into my sewing/quilting/blogging/cleaning/grocery shopping/helping with homework…time). This month I decided to tackle the Cross and Crown as well as the Maple Leaf. They were fairly tricky to do at the same time, I should have put them with a more simple block, but hind site is 50/50 right?

For this version of the Maple Leaf I used Jenny Doan's tutorial over at Missouri Star Quilt COmpany. It is fabulous and much better than anything I could do and the instructions are actually correct as opposed to the book that I originally used.

Jenny is a quilting Rock Star.

Basically you will be making 4 of these leaf blocks.

Next up is the cross and crown. This is my all time favorite quilt block. I painted the barn quilt on my chicken coop to be a cross and crown.

The instructions in the book were weird…so I GOOGLED!!!! the pattern. Here…use this one!

You will be making 4 of this segment and putting them together. Too easy!

I love cross and Crown so much that I made a massive one. It will be quilted as soon as I finish all the Christmas quilts I have from clients…so probably not until January….or earlier if I really find the energy to burn the midnight oil. I am up every morning at 0333, so I may as well truck on down to the studio and do some quilting right?

This is all linen hand dyes from back when I had time for that sort of thing. I know just how I want to quilt it!

Let me know if you have any questions about the blocks so far.


a space quilt or hexagons 3 ways

This is a quilt I made recently for the quilt shop I work at. It is a shop sample, but I am not sure what will really become of it. I (or Jerry) need to write up a pattern and make some kits…but we don't have enough of the back ground fabric to do so…so it is folded up on a shelf. I think it is quite striking so I wanted to share it with you all here on my blog.

The piecing was rather simple, mostly applique but what really makes it shine is the quilting and the use of ombre fabric. I used 2 layers of batting. Quilters dream cotton on the bottom and quilters dream Puff batting on the top which makes for really nice lofty quilting. Very dimensional quilting.

 I wanted it to look like wind or space gas? moving through the void of the great abyss.

I love a back as much as the front.

If this is a kit you would like to make up let me know and I will push it a little harder at Quilters Quarters. It was a really quick quilt. I think straight lines would be just as lovely as the wild quilting I did.

Have a great evening!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Tour!

Hey there! I just wanted to give you a heads up about the upcoming book tour I will be participating in. You will have quite a few chances to win a copy of this really great book. My giveaway will be on the 20th.

Nov. 11: Lisa Calle,
Nov. 12: Lynne Goldsworthy,
Nov. 13: Lauren Hunt,
Nov. 14: Heather Kojan,
Nov. 15: John Kubiniec,
Nov. 18: Adrianne Ove,
Nov. 19: Trisch Price,
Nov. 20: Tammie Schaffer, and Tia Curtis,
Nov. 21: Amy Smart,

Nov. 22: Susan Strong,

Friday, November 8, 2013

Leia's Wagon Wheel quilt

Here is one of my big fantasies….one day I am rummaging in an attic and find a box of old quilt tops waiting to be quilted. I love that dream…well my friend Leia actually got to live this dream! She was at her moms house and her mom mentioned the boxes in the attic filled with an aunts old quilt tops. What???? Well, this is one that she let me quilt up. There is another one ready to go downstairs.

I love how quirky the fabric placement is in the wedges.

It was a bit tricky to think how to quilt it. I finally asked myself how she would have done it if she would have had a long arm at her disposal back when they were pieced…so I settled on the ever wonderful swirl. This quilt was such a treat to quilt.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quilt Market quilts

In the midst of all my quilting I did do 2 quilts for Quilt market. One I just quilted and the other I designed, made and quilted for  the Windham booth. I found this picture while going through my pictures and thought it was funny with me and my silly cat.

I quilted this quilt for Tammie Schaffer. It is in a great looking new book  (Classic Modern Quilts) which I will talk about on the 20th for the blog tour. This quilt was at Quilt Market. I think it is beautiful. I love Tammie's fabric choices and I love the blocks. I had a blast quilting it.

This is the one I made for the Windham booth. It was made with a collection called 8 days a week by Ampersand  They sent me the fabric and wanted a quilt that looked like a Calendar to showcase the calendar page panel. So that is what I did. Now I would have done a couple things different if Time and fabric amount permitted

I thought the wide border needed something exciting, so I made these folk art looking crows. They aren't people in party hats. They are birds...birds fly and so does time.

I also quilted in the months of the year when I was quilting the quilt. I love making quilts for the Windham booth. This is the 3rd market in a row for me to do so. OK...I need to go jump in the shower and get ready to work. It is fun to work at a quilt shop.