Monday, July 20, 2015

Quilting quilting quilting!

Hello there folks! 
Can you believe that school is about to start up here again in Kansas? It is wild! This has been the most wet summer since we have moved here and it barely seems like we have been to the pool. At least that means I have been getting heaps of quilting and teaching done. This has been one busy summer. Let me show you a handful of the quilts I have been quilting recently. Each deserves its own post, but judging from how much time I have had to blog I just need to show them now.

This is a t-shirt e2e I did for a friend up the street. It is quilted with a pretty neat design that is customizable to just about any school initials and mascot.

In this case it is LHS and the Pioneers. I quilted it with a rainbow variegated thread.

I kinda love this quilt. It is a scrabble quilt! So cool, right? Maria made this one and I quilted it with Overlapping crop circles. One of my very favorite e2e designs.

The quilting was well spaced to overlap the raw edge appliqued letters and give them a bit of reinforcement.

This was a fun summer row quilt by my friend Taylor. I custom quilted it.

There are tiny mermaids swimming in the water beneath the sailboats.

The turtles are quilted with curved cross hatching.

The fish have scales.

And the waves have movement with cloudy sky.

I quilted Kelly's quilt e2e in the body of the quilt and custom borders.

I am wild for the border on this quilt. I have wanted to quilt a piano key/feather border for some time and this felt like the right quilt to do it on. The ribbon candy in the black sashing and the feather/piano key are both free hand.

Narrow lines are always cool.

The e2e design I used in the body of the quilt is a new one for me and I love it. It is named Peacock feathers.

I used 2 layers of batting on this quilt as well and that really makes the quilting pop.

Last up today is a Christmas quilt I did for Ruthi. It is all custom.

I had fun decorating the trees and the background is quilted with red loops.

The border is quilted with holly leaves.

OK, I need to jump back into work.

Happy quilting folks!