Thursday, September 22, 2011

17) Just a 9 patch

 This is a pretty popular quilt around my house. It is filled with some favorite fabrics from my stash. I knew I wanted to do something More to the quilt to make it pop, so I cut strips from each fabric that is in the blocks. I them made 60 degree triangles for the boarder. I think it gives it a little something extra.

 I was really happy with the quilting on this quilt. there is something different between each stripy triangle.

 The back is a tea dyed muslin and it really sets off the variegated red thread.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

16) A very quick quilt

 This was a very very quick quilt. I was too busy with the Bush Fire quilts to give this one the time and attention it deserved. I wanted desperately to make a quilt with some of my wonderful cotton double gauze.

 So, I did. It turned out to be a strange size...I really don't know what I was thinking. But it makes a good yoga mat and an even better quilt to lay on by the pool (on a lounge of course). I love the little details in this quilt. And the fabric is wonderful...but overall it remains an odd quilt.

15) My own Star Quilt

 This is my 8 to 8 quilt from 2009. I was in a wonderful Online quilt group formed through Flickr. It was named 8 to 8. The group was made up of myself, LauraJ, Sarah (Krommama), Lynn (little red hen), Katy (I'm a ginger Monkey), Beth (maddieandme1) Lisa (upstatelisa), and  Tine (Sodeste). 

This is a great group of quilters. Currently I am on my 3rd quilt with this same brilliant group of ladies. Well, not all the same, but mostly the same. Some years one of the ladies is too busy (heaven knows how busy we can all get) so another shining star steps foreward. Last year we were Row 10, and they made me rows of wonky red crosses. This year (2011) we are Bee FF and they made me applique blocks in the Baltimore Album fashion. I am pretty sure I went too far asking them to do this. But I love it and I am hand quilting each block.

Each month would be for a different quilter. When it was my month, I wanted to have wonky stars, just like the ones I was working so much with in the Bush Fire Quilt Project. Each block consisted of 4 stars and each lady would make 2 blocks.

I wanted the quilt to be red, white and aqua. I love this color combination.

I quilted the quilt with simple organic lines and each block shines. I love this quilt so very much. It is always out in my house. Either in the living room or one of the kids takes it to sleep with at night. It is certainly one of my very favorites.

I love the back of this quilt too. I dyed the aqua fabric myself.

Here is a bit more of the quilting.

14) The Bush Fire Quilt Project

 This quilt represents 130 quilts my quilt club and I made for the Victorian Bushfires in 2009. What a time that was. I received quilt blocks from all over the world to make quilts for the people of Victoria, Australia who had lost their homes and possessions. I naively reached out via the Internet and blogs and Flickr to see if a couple folks would send me a block or two so I could make maybe 3 quilts for the Bushfire victims. I received, literally, thousands of blocks and quite a few entire quilts and quilt tops. I still have the spread sheet on my computer with data on all the blocks that were sent. Such an outpouring of love and support. I put aside especially wonderful block so I could put them all into one special quilt. I quilted it with a very dense swirling design that has become my signature. I wanted it to be raffled or auctioned off to raise a bit of money to transport all the quilts from Alice Springs to Victoria. Anyone who has ever run a quilt drive or charity of some sort knows that no matter how good your intentions are you have to have some money to support your operation. This quilt was going to be a way for us to raise some money. My husband and I had already poured our own money into the project by buying batting and backings for some of the quilts and my quilt club pitched in money and batting as well. Two of the ladies quilted over 80 quilts on their frames. I quilted a ton on my Bernina too.
By the time all the quilts were quilted, bound, boxed up and ready for transport to Victoria our own movers had come and gone. You see, my own little family was in the midst of a PSC (Permanent Change of Station) back the the USA). I was so pleased with how this entire operation had gone down. And relieved. So very relieved that all those quilts were on their way to their new owners. I pray to this day that they are still bringing comfort to the people they were given to. Anyway, all we have left in our house is our suitcases and our plane tickets, right? Well, a couple ladies show up from the qult club and say they have something for me....It was the quilt I had given them to raise money with! They wanted me to have it so I could remember all that I did for Australia. I really don't think I did anything much for Australia...and I certainly just gave the wonderful quilters of Alice Springs a ton of work that they would not have had to do without me and my idea. I truly adore this quilt and all that it represents. This quilt is all that is good in the world...all the love, all the wonderful thoughts and prayers, all the hope for a better tomorrow. This quilt does not get packed with the rest of our household goods when we move, it gets packed in with our suitcases or it covers the kids in the back of the van and is one of the first quilts to keep us warm and give us comfort in each of our new houses as we move each time. For a while I felt guilty about having this wonderful quilt, but now it is one that I am the very most proud of.

You can read more about the Bush Fire Quilt Project on my other blog HERE

and you can see pictures of the quilts we put together and collect HERE and HERE

I still LOVE this liberated star. It is one of my very very very favorite quilt blocks.

Friday, September 9, 2011

13) Hand dyed Improv log cabins

 I made this quilt after I ordered a pack of hand dyed scraps from Cherrywood fabric. If you are curious about hand dyed fabric, but don't want to make you own, try their fabric it is amazing. And for $22.50 you can't go wrong.

 I wanted to use them all! All of the little pieces in one quilt. So I made these funny log cabin quilt blocks. I put my rotary cutter aside and just used my scissors instead. I wanted it to be wonky, but not too crazy.

 I used a 200 thread count muslin as the background. The quilting is very simple organic black lines.

 A couple of the fabric scraps are from an Aboriginal women's camp down the road from Alice Springs. I loved the marbling that they put in their fabric.

And I singed this quilt instead of making a label for it. And I stitched on the binding with big chunky red hand stitches.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

12) A quilt like the Gee's Bend quilts

 I made this quilt after reading about the quilts of Gees Bend. It is full of old blue jeans and my kids clothing and even some raw silk that I dyed green.

 I tied it with wool yarn that would felt after washing...I hate tying quilts. I felt like my back was going to break in half. I won't do it again unless I have to.

 The back is fun. I drew on muslin with some fabric oil paints. This quilt weighs about 6 tons. Must be all the denim.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

11) my 11th quilt

 This is probably the most used quilt in our house. It rides around in the van and gets involved in all sorts of adventures. It looks pretty complicated, doesn't it?

 Well, it isn't. It is a "cheater quilt". Denyse Schmidt' collection Country Fair had a print named Patchwork Promenade. So I just quilted it up!

 Country fair was printed on a more heavy weight cotton, so this is a very durable quilt. Sometimes I throw it on the ground and use it as a rug. Wild, huh?

The back is a tea dyed muslin. I quilted it with my swirly meandering. This one also has really thick cotton batting from Quilters Dream. It is the Deluxe loft.

I would Love to quilt for you!

Hey there!  I have two wonderful Gammill Long Arms set up on a 14 foot frames.  I specialize in freemotion quilting, but have a Statler Stitcher so any type of quilting is possible.

For a basic edge to edge design it costs $.02 per square inch. So, say your quilt is 88 inches by 90 this is what your equation will look like.

88 x 90 =  7920

7920 x .02 =  $158.40

That fee includes my loading your quilt and my So Fine thread which is polyester. I can use a cotton thread if you prefer, we will discuss it in our emails.

If you want more complexity and detail and fancy boarders I can do all of that but the price will increase. We will discuss it ahead of time so there is no surprise at the end of the work.

You can send your own batting with your top or you can buy batting from me. I have Quilters Dream Cotton batting in the select loft. I love this batting. It results in super soft quilts with a glorious drape. I will have it available to you at $12 a yard.

I have a couple other types of batting as well, I have a description on my infer sheet I will email to you.

Please send your own backing and make sure it is about 4 inches longer on both the top and bottom so I can load it onto the frame

You will be responsible for the shipping fees which run between $15 and $20 depending on the size of the quilt.

I can't wait to quilt your heirloom!

Please email me for more information and an order form

10) My 10th quilt - Heather Ross House Top

 All 3 of my kiddos have a Heather Ross fabric quilt. This is actually the second one I made. The first one was all in these awesome pinks with all her little girl prints. It was for my daughter. I could not find the quilt while I was taking all these pictures, but you can see it here. Anyway, for this one I choose a bunch of the more male prints and made a big Housetop pattern. It came together so fast! I saw this quilt in a magazine somewhere...It may have been Blueprint. Back when that was an awesome magazine.

 So, this is another quilt for Ethan. I quilted it with a pretty variegated blue cotton thread.

 It is quilted with my swirly meandering I love so much. Kinda my signature.

 This is another quilt with a great back. It is a yard and a half of the beach print with stripes on the top and the bottom.
Don't those people look like they are having a great time at the beach?

9) My ninth quilt - Peace on Earth

 I had ordered Amy Butler's Midwest Modern collection of fabric. And I just loved it so much when I got it that The night I brought it home I laid awake in bed thinking of making a quilt with it. My 0300 I was still wide awake, so I just got up and got started on this quilt. By the next day I had most of it finished.

 I really loved how the raw edge applique circles turned out in the Norberta Quilt, and I wanted to try that technique again. I used Midwest Modern, some wonderful shot cottons from Kaffe Fassett and some fabric that I dyed myself at a fabric dying workshop in Alice Springs.

 I totally adore how this quilt turned out. I think it was a pretty good use of time spent not sleeping...but trying to sleep.
 I uses 2 different variegated cotton threads for this quilt. I also wrote on the quilt with my quilting. I really would love to label all my quilts, but I am lazy and it is so much more quick to just quilt their name on them and the date I made them.

 The back of this one is pretty wonderful too, I think. I love a pieced back. Sometime I like them much more than the front of a quilt.

8) My 8th quilt - Norberta the Green Dragon

 So when I made this quilt we were living in Alice Springs, Australia. While we were traveling to Australia, our family was loaded down with bags and suitcases. We were each alloted 2 bags apiece. Well, I packed wisely and squished all my clothing into one bag (which was quite a trick since we were moving from a frigid winter complete with ice storms and howling winds to the blazing red center of the Australian Outback) so I could also bring a sewing machine with me. I was terrified of our tiny shipment getting lost or sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and I would be stuck in Australia for 3 years without being able to sew.

 So this quilt was one of the first quilts I made while in Oz. I was reading Joelle Hoverson's book Last minute quilted and patchwork gifts and one of the final projects was listed in the 24 hour gift catagory. Really? That massive quilt could be done in 24 hours? Well I gave it a try. My husband was pulling a really long shift at work, so I spent the same time quilting. And this quilt did indeed take me 24 hours to make. From start to finish. From cutting the fabric to stitching on the binding. It was a marathon and I did not eat or sleep, but I did have a massive quilt at the end of the day. I was quite pleased with myself.

 I used a green batik that I had yards and yards of and I used some of my very favorite (still to this day) fabric by Amy Butler from her earliest fabric collections (Ginger Bliss and Temple flowers)

 It is quilted with scallops in a lavender cotton thread. I thought it made the quilt look like it had dragon scales. I was reading Harry Potter to the kids and Norbert the Dragon was in the tale, so I named my quilt after him...who turned out to be a her so my quilt is named Norberta.

I also decided that the quilt didn't have enough interest, so I added big white circles with little pops of color. I love this quilt. It is the biggest quilt I have ever made for myself.