Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I would Love to quilt for you!

Hey there!  I have two wonderful Gammill Long Arms set up on a 14 foot frames.  I specialize in freemotion quilting, but have a Statler Stitcher so any type of quilting is possible.

For a basic edge to edge design it costs $.02 per square inch. So, say your quilt is 88 inches by 90 this is what your equation will look like.

88 x 90 =  7920

7920 x .02 =  $158.40

That fee includes my loading your quilt and my So Fine thread which is polyester. I can use a cotton thread if you prefer, we will discuss it in our emails.

If you want more complexity and detail and fancy boarders I can do all of that but the price will increase. We will discuss it ahead of time so there is no surprise at the end of the work.

You can send your own batting with your top or you can buy batting from me. I have Quilters Dream Cotton batting in the select loft. I love this batting. It results in super soft quilts with a glorious drape. I will have it available to you at $12 a yard.

I have a couple other types of batting as well, I have a description on my infer sheet I will email to you.

Please send your own backing and make sure it is about 4 inches longer on both the top and bottom so I can load it onto the frame

You will be responsible for the shipping fees which run between $15 and $20 depending on the size of the quilt.

I can't wait to quilt your heirloom!

Please email me for more information and an order form



  1. I am interested in a price for the dog quilt you made to be auctioned. I am looking for something similar to fit a twin bed. Thank you! Kristen Gretka

  2. Hi Tia!
    I follow you on Instagram and love your quilting. Especially when your kids keep you company. :) I'll email you when my current top is done. I'm new at quilting so hopefully my imperfect seams will be ok! :)

    1. Sounds goo Staci! As far as imperfect seams go mine are never perfect and after they are quilted I never seem to notice!


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