Friday, September 9, 2011

13) Hand dyed Improv log cabins

 I made this quilt after I ordered a pack of hand dyed scraps from Cherrywood fabric. If you are curious about hand dyed fabric, but don't want to make you own, try their fabric it is amazing. And for $22.50 you can't go wrong.

 I wanted to use them all! All of the little pieces in one quilt. So I made these funny log cabin quilt blocks. I put my rotary cutter aside and just used my scissors instead. I wanted it to be wonky, but not too crazy.

 I used a 200 thread count muslin as the background. The quilting is very simple organic black lines.

 A couple of the fabric scraps are from an Aboriginal women's camp down the road from Alice Springs. I loved the marbling that they put in their fabric.

And I singed this quilt instead of making a label for it. And I stitched on the binding with big chunky red hand stitches.

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  1. Love your quilt and what a wonderful way to use up hand-dyed scraps! I knew there had to be a use for them.


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