Sunday, September 4, 2011

4) My fourth quilt

 I made this quilt for my daughter Emma. Emma was so much like the character Olivia. Not a pig, sut a really headstrong little girl. It is a fancy inset star that I learned from Nancy at my church quilt group. I thought this star was so awesome. I used Olivia the Pig fabric that I ordered over the Net. I thought that was pretty cool. Just order fabric and it comes right to your house! Anyway, the greet is yet another sheet.

 I added this funny 3D boarder to the quilt. I was having so much fun making quilts.

I used the leftover fabric for the back of the quilt. Oh, another thing about this quilt was my discovery of Quilter's dream batting. Up until now I was using Hobbs cotton. But with this quilt I decided to change to Quilters Dream cotton. It was like nothing I had ever felt before! So soft and strong. Excellent product.

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