Tuesday, September 13, 2011

15) My own Star Quilt

 This is my 8 to 8 quilt from 2009. I was in a wonderful Online quilt group formed through Flickr. It was named 8 to 8. The group was made up of myself, LauraJ, Sarah (Krommama), Lynn (little red hen), Katy (I'm a ginger Monkey), Beth (maddieandme1) Lisa (upstatelisa), and  Tine (Sodeste). 

This is a great group of quilters. Currently I am on my 3rd quilt with this same brilliant group of ladies. Well, not all the same, but mostly the same. Some years one of the ladies is too busy (heaven knows how busy we can all get) so another shining star steps foreward. Last year we were Row 10, and they made me rows of wonky red crosses. This year (2011) we are Bee FF and they made me applique blocks in the Baltimore Album fashion. I am pretty sure I went too far asking them to do this. But I love it and I am hand quilting each block.

Each month would be for a different quilter. When it was my month, I wanted to have wonky stars, just like the ones I was working so much with in the Bush Fire Quilt Project. Each block consisted of 4 stars and each lady would make 2 blocks.

I wanted the quilt to be red, white and aqua. I love this color combination.

I quilted the quilt with simple organic lines and each block shines. I love this quilt so very much. It is always out in my house. Either in the living room or one of the kids takes it to sleep with at night. It is certainly one of my very favorites.

I love the back of this quilt too. I dyed the aqua fabric myself.

Here is a bit more of the quilting.

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