Monday, November 18, 2013

Cross and Crown and Maple leaves KC Star BOM

OK here we are for month 2 of the KC Star BOM. I know I have been tardy in posting and If you missed the get together over at my house I was very sad to not get to sew with you. I am working a tiny bit these days, but it is stunning to me how just a little bit of work (2 days a week and 2 saturdays a month) cut into my sewing/quilting/blogging/cleaning/grocery shopping/helping with homework…time). This month I decided to tackle the Cross and Crown as well as the Maple Leaf. They were fairly tricky to do at the same time, I should have put them with a more simple block, but hind site is 50/50 right?

For this version of the Maple Leaf I used Jenny Doan's tutorial over at Missouri Star Quilt COmpany. It is fabulous and much better than anything I could do and the instructions are actually correct as opposed to the book that I originally used.

Jenny is a quilting Rock Star.

Basically you will be making 4 of these leaf blocks.

Next up is the cross and crown. This is my all time favorite quilt block. I painted the barn quilt on my chicken coop to be a cross and crown.

The instructions in the book were weird…so I GOOGLED!!!! the pattern. Here…use this one!

You will be making 4 of this segment and putting them together. Too easy!

I love cross and Crown so much that I made a massive one. It will be quilted as soon as I finish all the Christmas quilts I have from clients…so probably not until January….or earlier if I really find the energy to burn the midnight oil. I am up every morning at 0333, so I may as well truck on down to the studio and do some quilting right?

This is all linen hand dyes from back when I had time for that sort of thing. I know just how I want to quilt it!

Let me know if you have any questions about the blocks so far.


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