Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quilt Market quilts

In the midst of all my quilting I did do 2 quilts for Quilt market. One I just quilted and the other I designed, made and quilted for  the Windham booth. I found this picture while going through my pictures and thought it was funny with me and my silly cat.

I quilted this quilt for Tammie Schaffer. It is in a great looking new book  (Classic Modern Quilts) which I will talk about on the 20th for the blog tour. This quilt was at Quilt Market. I think it is beautiful. I love Tammie's fabric choices and I love the blocks. I had a blast quilting it.

This is the one I made for the Windham booth. It was made with a collection called 8 days a week by Ampersand  They sent me the fabric and wanted a quilt that looked like a Calendar to showcase the calendar page panel. So that is what I did. Now I would have done a couple things different if Time and fabric amount permitted

I thought the wide border needed something exciting, so I made these folk art looking crows. They aren't people in party hats. They are birds...birds fly and so does time.

I also quilted in the months of the year when I was quilting the quilt. I love making quilts for the Windham booth. This is the 3rd market in a row for me to do so. OK...I need to go jump in the shower and get ready to work. It is fun to work at a quilt shop.


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