Monday, May 9, 2016

Hi there from the quilt lair!

Hey there! I have been busy quilting away. April/May is always a big quilting time for me. I cut back on the amount of quilts I did this Market and I have been pretty pleased. I love quilting for market, it is so cool to quilt for quilt market, but the stress of getting things done super quick is tricky in what should be a pretty laid back job. 

So let me show you some of the quilts I have quilted since my last blog post. Only 2 of these are market quilts and I think all are custom. I did a heap of E2E quilts, but for some reason those don't jump in front of the camera like the custom ones do.

This first one was For Kolleen here in town. I did really cool quilting but it is hard to see because me camera lens had a smudge on it. Huzzah!

I took these pictures of Heathers quilt on the same day with the same smudged camera. I custom quilted feathers all around the blocks.

This one I did for me. YAY Me! The quilting is Welsh inspired and the quilt itself is just a simple Ohio Star. The grey background fabric is Essex linen and the rest is either hand dyed by me or a piece of hand dyed Ombre by Marcus brothers.  The quilting really stands out because I used 2 layers of batting. Wool as the top layer and blend as the bottom layer.

I had the best times with these borders.

I made this leaf too big, so it became a snake

My favorite border is harder to see..I will take more pictures later after the rain ceases and I have the quilt bound.

I quilted this one for Kari. It was tricky to figure out how I wanted to quilt it, but after I committed I just loved it!

This is a Quilt Market quilt for Latifah Saafir out of her new fabric line Grafic. I have had a quilt crush on her FOREVER and was so excited to quilt for her. And I got to quilt a Glam Clam quilt! I have wanted to quilt one of these FOREVER. She has the most awesome acrylic templates to go with this pattern (and a bunch of other patterns as well. And she was so kind to send 2 templates along with her quilt. Now I just need to find the time to make myself a quilt with them!

So, I quilted this one with echoing arcs and bricks and was just super fun to quilt.

I finally finished this order of baby quilts for twin girls. I think I started it 2 years ago? Luckily the quilts are big enough to work as toddler quilts.

The backs have the girls names pieced. The first twin had a pretty short name, the other twin had a LOOONNNGGG name. I like the contrast with the fabric I used in Larkyn's quilt better.

 The front of Larkyn's quilt is pretty cool too. More of my large Appliqué study.

Lyra got a big star. Still cute.

And the last custom quilt I finished was this one for Gina Martin. It is a secret quilt, so this is just the back. I will show more pictures after Quilt Market.

OK, quilts need to be quilted I will pop back later. Have a great day folks!