Saturday, February 10, 2018

Crazy Daisy Tutorial - BOEOM #7

HI There!

Welcome to another episode of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild BOEOM (Block Of Every Other Month) We are on block 7 - the Crazy Daisy!!!! This is a super cute block that is fun to make. As you can see below this is what my quilt top looks like. I have finished the top so you can see where we will be going from here. I didn't do a video this month...too much was going on and I just couldn't find the time to plan it out. An old fashioned picture tutorial will have to do.

Here are the Crazy Daisy blocks. One has a pieced center and one has an appliqué center. I think both are fun, you choose what you like best.

April I will show how to do the hump blocks. I am not wild about that name, so if you have a good one let me know. They are really fun and surprisingly versatile depending on how you use them.

So here is the finished block. I trimmed mine to 6 inches, you can trim yours smaller if you like. I also fussy cut the center, it looks great if you aren't fussy, but I felt the need to make it just a little more complicated. Its the way I roll.

I like to strip piece. So I cut my pieces as WOF (Width of Fabric) and make several blocks at one time since I am sitting there anyway. This set of instructions is for just one block.

You will need:

  • One 6" x 6" background square
  • Two 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles
  • One 4.5" x 4.5" square of fabric you would like for your daisy
  • One 1" x 1" square for the center of the daisy

Sew the two background rectangles to two opposite sides of the daisy colored square. Press the seams.

Sub cut the pieced bit into four 1" segments. There will be a tiny bit of leftover.

Cut the 6" background square in half diagonally.

Sew one of the petal pieces into the cut. Press the seams towards the background for this first petal. The rest of the  daisy seams will be pressed towards the petal pieces.

Cut the piece in half again on the diagonal.

Sew another petal piece into the cut and press the seams towards the petal piece. I think the block looks pretty great at this point. If you ever need an X block, here you go.

You can piece the center of the daisy anytime. Just cut one of the petal pieces in half and sew the 1" center into the cut. Press the seams towards the petals.

Cut the flower again in half through the center of the X and piece in another petal. Press the seams toward the petal piece.

Cut the flower piece in half one more time. The center of the last petal piece should nest perfectly with the previous piece. Here is a bad close up picture with pins (even though I don't really pin this block in real life).

This is what your Crazy Daisy block should look like.

Here is a picture of the seam side. I always think it is helpful to see the seam side. You can see how the first petal piece was pressed towards the background, but all the other seams are pressed towards the petals.

Last step is to trim the block. I trimmed the block to 6 inches, but you can certainly trim it smaller or even make it asymmetrical. You can do a lot with this block. The petals don't have to be even sizes, you can make them wonky or when you cut the block to piece the petals you can cut is crazy. That is fun too. I tried hard to make this one nice and symmetrical so you would all be impressed. In real like I make mine pretty wild.

OK, have fun making these! I would love to see yours on Instagram. Just tag them with #KCMQGboeom. Yay! Oh and lat me know if you have any questions in the comment section.