Monday, July 28, 2014

Merry Merry Snowmen Quilt

This was a really fun quilt to quilt. The client I quilted it for wanted it done just like the pictures that came with the pattern. It was nice to just follow the pictures instead of trying to think up what to do. While I love making up things as I go this way was a nice break for sure!

This pattern is named Merry Merry Snowmen by Bunny Hill Designs. I used 4 different colors of thread on this puppy.

It was funny to be quilting such a fun Christmas quilt when outside is was 100 degrees and 70 percent humidity. Inside down in the quilt lair was really the only place to be.

Have a happy week!

A more simple Texas flag quilt

I made another Texas Flag quilt for a client. It is for her son who is going off to college. They wanted the quilting much more simple, so we went with a simple grid.

The quilting inside the star is more dense.

These Texas flag quits never get old. I do love making them.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Baby Texas Flag quilt

I LOVE making Texas Flag quilts! I was really excited to tweak my pattern and make a little one. This one is a baby quilt.

Same windy Texas quilting, just smaller.

In the star I quilted the baby's name and birthday.

The back is great too. Super soft cotton batting...makes a great Texas flag quilt. I think this is the 16th Texas flag quilt I have made.

This one was the 15th. It was the back of a T-shirt quilt.

I hope you have a happy happy day!

Some Quilts of Valor

So many of you know that I quilt for Quilts of Valor from time to time. We have 140 MPs getting ready to come home from Afghanistan in the next couple months and our QOV team is getting together enough quilts for all of them. Recently I have quilted quite a few, but I have been pushing them through so fast that I haven't gotten pictures of them. I thought these turned out really well so I wanted to share them.

This one I quilted with these awesome Federal Eagles. I spent almost 4 hours searching for them on the Internet. They are a Kim Diamond pantograph.

Next up is this really great quilt. I used a dense Baptist Fan on this quilt. I am pretty wild for this panto right now and I want to use it on everything. I love how modern it looks.

The wonderfully talented Raylene Mason made these lovely quilts. I love quilting her work because all there seams are pressed perfectly and they are always perfectly square!

Have a great day!
Tia Curtis

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Steam Punk quilt Quilted

Hey there! I quilted my Steam punk quilt in time to take it to KCMQG (Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild) last week. I am now trying to hand bind the quilt, but it turns out that I don't do a great deal of sitting quietly so I can finish the job. But for now it is good for a picture or 10 right?

I had a total blast quilting this quilt. The sashing and narrow curve of each block is a bit different and just swirls in the background.

I pulled all my favorite fabric for this quilt. Low volume for the background and acid greens, blues and purple/ hot pink.

The cornerstones are little wonky log cabins make with Peppered Cottons. They were kinda a pain in the behind to work with as they curl like crazy when I presses them and frayed really quickly too.

I added a couple pieces of Army uniform into this quilt. Right by the Mermaids.

I was very quick to put this quilt together and I skipped over some pretty important quilt making steps. I didn't trim up any of the blocks. This made for a quilt with all sorts of "fullness. To combat this I used really thick cotton batting. Quilters Dream Cotton Batting in Deluxe loft is my favorite batting anyway, but it really shined while I was quilting this quilt.

The back is pieced. I used a funky purple I dyed a couple years ago. I did a really bad job dying the piece and there are all these spots of dye sediment But it works fine for a back.

You can really see the quilting well on the back.

And I am using my clothes line for more than just a photo op. I found that while it is really fun to make massive heavy quilts it is not so thrilling to watch my washing machine struggle. There was no way my dryer was dealing with it, so I am hanging it out on the line!

I do love to have quilts out drying on the clothes line.

This pattern is Steam punk by Jen Kingwell. You can find it HERE

Monday, July 7, 2014

Steampunk quilt top

Stop the presses! I made a quilt just for the thrill of using some wonderful fabric I have hoarded over the years. My quilt guild hatched up a brilliant plan to make Jen Kingswell's Steampunk quilt. If you aren't familiar with the rock star quilt designer Jen Kingswell you really should go explore her blog and website. I love her design style and eye for fabric.

This was a super fun quilt to make and the blocks were not too bad with the help of acrylic templates.

I have a bad habit of whipping out blocks, but not triming them before putting them all together in their sashing. This is quick and fun, but it really makes for a bulgy non-square quilt. Which equals a real pain in the butt to quilt. Oh well...I will deal with when it comes time to quilt it. I am debating doing a custom job or just doing an edge to edge.

What I loved cutting into my favorite fabric to make these blocks.

I even fussy cut these lovely mermaids.

Oh wow! This was a thrilling quilt to make and I can't wait to quilt it.


Debbie's Quilt

Hey there! I finished a really big quilt for Debbie last week between trips to the pool, lake, BBQ and even an all American firework display on the 4th of july. Here are some pictures of what took about a week to quilt.

I am very happy with how the quilt turned out. I hope Debbie is too!

Tia Curtis