Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quilt Posse meeting info

Hey there! I hope you are all well and enjoying a taste of spring. I am busy doing all sorts of things, but I can't show most of them right now. Bummer I know. The FT Leavenworth Quilt Posse is meeting at my house on the 2nd of April at 1000. If you are in town please come by email me and I will give you details on where I live if you want to come. We will be doing free motion quilting on domestic machines then making them into bags. It is going to be super fun, and there is no charge...just your company and maybe bring something for lunch to share. The bags we will be making are like the one above. My favorite zipper tricks, and some bag making tips. Super fun! So you will need:

  • a 14 inch closed sport zipper
  • 2 fat quarters (or some pieced blocks/or a little quilt equaling 18x22 inches) 
  • pretty cotton thread
  • sewing machine with a quilting foot and the machine manual if you don't know how to do a bit of free motion quilting
  • A zipper foot for your sewing machine
  • an 8 inch piece of trim or fabric or leather for the handle if you want one.
  • **If you don't have a quilting foot, or aren't confident in your sewing machine please let me know and you can borrow one of my extra machines. I have several vintage machines that are very fun to quilt on. Reserve one and I will have it set up for you. If this pertains to you, show up at least 1/2 hour early so I can teach you how they work.  
I will provide batting as I have HEAPS leftover from quilts.

This is going to be super fun! I normally charge for this class, so you will be getting a great deal! Please RSVP so I know if you are coming or not.

This is the block for the month of April. Its name is Garden Walk. I gave out templates for it at last months meeting, but I can give them tuesday when you come, or you can email me and I will get them to you that way. We will not be working on the block at the meeting like we normally do. But is it really easy so I am confident you can make it by yourself. 

OK, back to the quilt lair!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Here is some of the quilting I have been doing for quilt market. You may recognize Carrie Bloomston's (Such Design) next fabric collection. It is named Paint. I love it and Carrie is pretty much the sweetest human being I have ever met. I finished these 3 pieces pretty quickly. I didn't bathe for 3 days, I haven't made dinner in I don't even know how long (thank goodness my husband likes to cook) and I also have barely been sleeping. I am so happy this lot is out the door and on its way to Carrie. I have so much more I want to make with her fabric! it is so wonderful! I will show better pictures later.

latest quilts

I have been crazy busy lately. Here are 4 quilts I finished recently. This top one is Pam's Irish Chain that I quilted with a digital feather I have been wanting to use for a while.

This quilt is one for my mom. I gave her a pack of Liberty of London fabric for Christmas last year and she used them in this quilt. I LOVE the border print she used, but she does not know what it was.

This is a back view of how I quilted it.

This is a neat quilt for Debbie. She wanted me to custom quilt it however I wanted. I must admit I was a bit stumped...

In the end I took inspiration from the fabric in the blocks.

This is a very happy scrappy trip along for Leona. I quilted it with a dizzy edge to edge. Basicly it is spirals.

This is the back.

Pretty fun variety of quilts.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Peek in the Quilt Lair

I know I am not the best blogger around. I used to be better, but if I am not blogging that just means I am working away down in my studio, or The Quilt Lair as I like to call it.

I am quilting this pretty Double Irish Chain for Pam. It is quilting up like a charm!

And then over on the other side of the studio I am getting to work with this awesome fabric! I am making some samples for the very wonderful and inspiring Carrie Bloomston to take to quilt Market. This is her new collection "Paint" similar in color to her first collection "Collage". I am pretty crazy for it and I just can't decide which print I like the best.

You can see the things I made last year for Quilt Market out of Carrie's Collage fabric HERE. So fun!

I finished this Hero Bag. It needs its own blog post.

All these quilts are finished and need to been cataloged. One is my moms quilt, 2 are Quilts of Valor and the 4th is just waiting on the go ahead to mail out.

And my two little boys had birthdays last week. They are now 9 and 11. I can't believe it. When did they get so big? That young lady at the end of the table is my 12 year old instructing the party goers  how to decorate their cupcakes.

So much goodness has been going on around here. Ok, now back to business!

Quilt Quilt Quilt!!!!!

Tia Curtis

2 quilts that I finished last month

Hey there! I was downloading some pictures from my camera and noticed that I never took the time to blog about these lovely quilts. I wonder how many more have left my hands and not been blogged about? Heaps I am sure.

This is a neat ombre strip pieced quilt that I did a ton of ruler work on. the lady I quilted it for wanted a bunch of echoing triangles. After I got into the swing of it all it was really almost entrancing to quilt all these triangles. And it is a funny rainbow thread that at first my machine was very upset I was trying to use…then we figured out the right tension and it was smooth sailing form there.

And then this one for Lori. How fun are all those green scraps? Lori wanted this one quilted like the quilt in the book "Sunday Morning Quilts"

I quilted a loopy meander with a green variegated thread.

In the appliqu├ęd leaves I quilted some veins. I love how this quilt turned out.

OK, I think I have time for one more blog post then back down to the lair!

Tia Curtis