Monday, June 26, 2017

KCMQG Block of Every Other Month - Needle Turn Appliqué vine border

Hey there Folks! 

I hope you have all be doing well. I have been swamped with teaching, quilting and summer fun with my own family. I dropped the ball on getting this June's KCMQG Block of Every Other Month up on the blog. It has been up on the Youtube for sometime, but in case you are looking for it here on the blog I bet you were sad when you couldn't find it. It is an Appliqué border! Huzzah!!!! I like to do my appliqué as needle turn, but you certainly can do it as fusible or machine appliqué. If you know me, you know I am not a big rule follower, so you have permission to do it however you want. I just love the look of mixing patchwork and appliqué. I did 2 different videos for this border. One is kind of an overview and the other is more of a close up. Like you are sitting beside me and we are sewing together.

I chose hand appliqué for our summer challenge because I LOVE doing a little hand work in the summer. It is nice to have a little something to work on by the pool or in the car during road trips.

You can find the template pieces for the flowers and leaves HERE and on my website