Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Steam Punk quilt Quilted

Hey there! I quilted my Steam punk quilt in time to take it to KCMQG (Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild) last week. I am now trying to hand bind the quilt, but it turns out that I don't do a great deal of sitting quietly so I can finish the job. But for now it is good for a picture or 10 right?

I had a total blast quilting this quilt. The sashing and narrow curve of each block is a bit different and just swirls in the background.

I pulled all my favorite fabric for this quilt. Low volume for the background and acid greens, blues and purple/ hot pink.

The cornerstones are little wonky log cabins make with Peppered Cottons. They were kinda a pain in the behind to work with as they curl like crazy when I presses them and frayed really quickly too.

I added a couple pieces of Army uniform into this quilt. Right by the Mermaids.

I was very quick to put this quilt together and I skipped over some pretty important quilt making steps. I didn't trim up any of the blocks. This made for a quilt with all sorts of "fullness. To combat this I used really thick cotton batting. Quilters Dream Cotton Batting in Deluxe loft is my favorite batting anyway, but it really shined while I was quilting this quilt.

The back is pieced. I used a funky purple I dyed a couple years ago. I did a really bad job dying the piece and there are all these spots of dye sediment But it works fine for a back.

You can really see the quilting well on the back.

And I am using my clothes line for more than just a photo op. I found that while it is really fun to make massive heavy quilts it is not so thrilling to watch my washing machine struggle. There was no way my dryer was dealing with it, so I am hanging it out on the line!

I do love to have quilts out drying on the clothes line.

This pattern is Steam punk by Jen Kingwell. You can find it HERE


  1. Yay! So beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do to mine!!!

  2. This is so, so gorgeous!!! I love your quilting!


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