Monday, July 7, 2014

Steampunk quilt top

Stop the presses! I made a quilt just for the thrill of using some wonderful fabric I have hoarded over the years. My quilt guild hatched up a brilliant plan to make Jen Kingswell's Steampunk quilt. If you aren't familiar with the rock star quilt designer Jen Kingswell you really should go explore her blog and website. I love her design style and eye for fabric.

This was a super fun quilt to make and the blocks were not too bad with the help of acrylic templates.

I have a bad habit of whipping out blocks, but not triming them before putting them all together in their sashing. This is quick and fun, but it really makes for a bulgy non-square quilt. Which equals a real pain in the butt to quilt. Oh well...I will deal with when it comes time to quilt it. I am debating doing a custom job or just doing an edge to edge.

What I loved cutting into my favorite fabric to make these blocks.

I even fussy cut these lovely mermaids.

Oh wow! This was a thrilling quilt to make and I can't wait to quilt it.


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