Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting Settled

 Hi there! How have you been doing? We have been quite busy here in Leavenworth. We bought a house and have been renovating most of the downstairs.  I have been thinking about my sewing studio...but I didn't move fast enough to have it pretty before our household goods arrived. I fear that carpet is going to make for some dark ugly pictures until I can rip it up and paint and polish the concrete beneath the carpet.

Lady June made it. Her rollers did not. The movers know where they are, so they will show up sometime this week. I think she is happy to be home, but I am a bit afraid to try her out. Many of our things were crushed and damaged during this move...I remind myself that they are just things, and I wanted to simplify anyway. Hopefully this will be our last move for a while.


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