Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Motion Quilting supplies for my workshop

Hey there! How are you? I hope you are well. I am going to be teaching a free motion quilt workshop on the 22 of September for the KCMQG. This post is a bit about the supplies that are required to make one of the quilted box bags above.

Here are the supplies all ganged together.

First you are going to need a sewing machine. It doesn't have to be fancy. I quilt on each of the domestic machines in this picture, and you can too. 

These are free motion (or darning) feet that are used for quilting. I went through my collection and found quite a few different ones. You really just need to bring one, but if you don't know which one is your quilting foot it should look like one of these. Don't feel bad if you don't know! That is why I am putting up pictures. The two on the far right are for my old Singer sewing machines, the rest are my Bernina feet.

This is a zipper foot. You will need this one to put in the bag's zipper. If you are bringing an old Singer,  you can use that narrow foot for the zipper.

This is a walking foot. It is really wonderful for straight line quilting. It is a bit expensive, but worth every penny. We will be finishing the bag with this foot. If you don't have a walking foot, just bring your main sewing foot.

You are going to need a fat quarter sized quilt sandwich. I just layered 2 fat quarters with a double thickness of cotton batting. If you don't have spare batting laying around, I can bring some with me so you are welcome to mine. I have bins of leftover batting and many opinions about various kinds of batting. We will discuss at the workshop.

That flowery side will be the inside of the bag. I want to see the quilting stitches, so that is why I selected a solid for the outside. We are going to block off sections of the fat quarter to practice different quilt designs. 

Zippers! You will need to bring a 16 inch or 14 inch CLOSED zipper. My favorite are the sport zippers. If you bring one of the 14 inch zippers I will show you how to make the zipper long enough. 

Thread. I love thread. I recommend that you select a nice cotton thread to begin with. My 2 favorite brands are King Tut by Superior and the wonderful Aurifil cotton thread. This will be a fun project to try a variegated thread with. I love variegations.

If you want to have a little handle on your bag (like the one on the bottom in the first picture) just bring an 8 inch piece of trim (ribbon, ricrak, leather, twill tape...whatever)

So, feel free to ask questions if you have any. If you are coming to the workshop you will have an email from me with a more complete supply list. If you want to use one of my sewing machines, just let me know so I can pack enough of them.

I think that is it. I can't wait to quilt with you on the 22nd!


  1. Replies
    1. I am so excited too! I am getting my "handouts" all ready for you.

  2. I will not be attending (Oregon here) but would like to know if you will be putting the instructions up on your site after the class?

    1. Oh Carmi, that would be fun wouldn't it? Maybe I will pimp myself out to Craftsy if they would have me. A video would be super fun.

  3. I wish I lived close enough to attend your class. Hope you'll put the pattern tutorial on your site when you finish.
    Gail in Verona, VA

  4. Looks like fun. Wish I could join you. Cute bag!


  5. Oh ladies I wish you could be here too!

    1. The ladies at Joanne's seemed puzzles with my question about a non closing zipper. I found separating sport zippers and closed bottom zippers! Your blog pointed me to the closed bottom one. Is that the correct type??


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