Monday, April 14, 2014

A pretty quilt

Hey there! I just finished a quilt I can show you! Isn't this a pretty one? I just love the prettiness to it. It is a modified Dresden Plate with some fun dimensional piecing in the centers.

I custom quilted it so the folded bits would pop.

Here is a better shot of the "pop" of the folded parts.

And a gratuitus shot of the back.

I did a wide border of my favorite quick feather...a hooked feather.

OK, back down to the lair! It was great seeing you...I will be back soon I hope!


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  1. Tia, I love that you used a large white, pink and green floral print for the background of your Dresdens in the center of this quilt, and then you switched to a tiny floral in the same colors for the borders. It looks awesome. Fabulous Quilting.


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