Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quilts of the week

Hey there folks! Summer is well and truly here. I quilt in the mornings and take the kids to the pool in the afternoons at about 3. I am pretty pleased with how productive I have been. I work on quilt design and pattern writing while I am at the pool and I even taught a free motion 101 class yesterday. How about we look at some pretty quilts?

This gorgeous bed runner is a paper pieced pattern named Bali Star Wedding ring (the pattern is by Judy Neimeyer). This was a really fun one to quilt. Most of the quilting is Statler Stitcher (computer guided) but there is plenty of hand guided work as well. Mari did such a great job with her paper piecing and I love how the batiks just glow!

It actually went a great deal faster than I thought it would, but I guess that is due to the smaller size. A large quilt like this would take a long time.

The back is pretty too.

I love this quilt too! It is a Gypsy Wife Quilt (pattern by Jen Kingswell). This was another really fun quilt.

It is entirely stitched in the ditch...and then I added a bit of detail quilting to different portions of the quilt.

It is hard to see the quilting, but it is there!

This one is a Nest Quilt by Shari. It is semi custom quilted. An edge to edge in the center and separate hand guided borders.

I always love Shari's pieced backs, and I notice that this quilt is hung for photography sideways.

Last quilt for this blog post is this fabulous enormous 9 patch. It is custom quilted and took 3 days. For me that is a pretty long time.

A classic 9 patch is such a great quilt. This one is so happy!

It was a fun quilt to quilt. And I love how it turned out! 

This quilt is going to have so much texture when it is washed!


  1. Wow, beautiful quilts and stellar quilting! How wonderful to have a great and fun plan for your summer activities. :) I love the visual of even doing creative fun at the pool. Ahh.. that's the stuff. :) ~ Christina in Cleveland


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