Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It is fall!

It is Fall! My favorite season of the year. Last weekend we went to Red Barn Farm in Weston, MO. Sam and I first went for a preschool field trip when we were stationed in Ft We have gone for a couple years in a row and just love it. Oh notice since my husband has retired he has grown a beard. I like it.

The weather was just perfect. I am modeling one of my new (not really new actually. I have made this bag for years but I have finally written a lovely pattern for it and am teaching the technique at 3 Ladies Quilting Shope in Leavenworth next month. I am teaching several quilting classes in town. I have been so busy designing, writing and quilting that I am weary when it comes time to promote myself.

My boys are getting so big.

There was a pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin or two.

Critters to pet. It was really funny listening to some of the other visitors talking about the animals. There are some pretty hilarious misconceptions out there!

And of course there were apples to pick!

Lots and lots of apples to pick!

We picked 2 little baskets full and I had the overflow in my bag. It was a great day.

We are also now a sport family. Ethan is playing tackle football and Emma is on her Jr High Volleyball team. We are so busy with these kiddos. Sam gets his time in sports next year...he is going back and forth between football and soccer. Fall is the best!

Tia Cutis

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