Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas finishes

Hey there and Happy Holidays! We are gearing up for Christmas here at my house. That means lots of cooking and lots of Christmas sewing. Let me show you some quick pictures of (SOME) quilts I have finished recently. It has been rainy and dreary around Leavenworth, KS and sometimes the quilts slip out of the studio and go on their way before I have a chance to take pictures of them. 

This first one is a T-shirt quilt I was commissioned to make for a fireman. This was a great client to work with. She sent me design wall pictures of what she had in mind and we collaborated together to come up with a rather unique T-shirt quilt.

I quilted it with flames of course and used Quilters Dream Cotton batting in select loft.

The back is my favorite. It is strip pieced and was really fun to put together.

Next is Lynn's sweet floor quilt. This on was really fun. I love the idea of a giant Dresden Plate

Sorry, these pictures are pretty rotten. I had her hold it up before she left the studio. The lighting is dreadful. The quilt is super cute though!

Next up is Cheryl's wonderful Chevron. I love chevron quilts. I think there are a thousand different ways to quilt them.

For this one I did Echoing lines in the white and bubbles in the colored bits.

I get a bunch of questions on Instagram about how I use my Channel locks to quilt diagonal lines. It is easy! I need to work up a tutorial I suppose. All the bubbles are freehand and were a blast to quilt!

I also finished this adorable wall hanging for Meri. She and her grand daughter worked on it as a block of the month. She said her grand daughter was more excited about it than she was so she wanted to give it to her as a Christmas present. I custom quite it to guide around all the buttons and ribbons.

I finished this Doe fabric by Carolyn Firendlander. I think I am going to give it to my son. It will get it's own post because it is awesome. I used some new super thick cotton batting on it and quilted it freehand to look like topography contour lines.

And I finally slapped a binding on this fabulous quilt. I intended to sell in in my shop, because frankly my house is starting to look like a quilt hoarder lives here. But sadly I can't because it has a big stain on it. I left it folded in a safe place until I had time to bind it, and someone trotted over and bled on it. I have no other information than that. I don't know what led up to the nefarious event, but it was something dastardly I am sure. It will be given to my daughter. She won't care a bit. Maybe I will applique something over the stain? If you look close you can see it over on the left hand side right by the mermaid. I washed this quilt already once. It didn't come out.



  1. Try some hydrogen peroxide, full strength on the spot. It should work to break down the enzyme in the blood. Works on even old blood stains.

    1. I will try for sure! I guess it is a testament to how overworked I was that I didn't think of it.


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