Monday, November 9, 2015

Star of the West Block (BOM #2 for the Ft Leavenworth Quilt Club)

Hello there!

Are you ready for the next block in the Ft Leavenworth BOM? Well I am. We will be meeting tomorrow at my house to assemble the blocks and you are welcome to attend, But if you can't make it here are the cutting instructions so you don't get behind. 

This months block is pretty simple and I am sure it goes by a hundred other names. It is a pretty simple one and is found on page 13 of Civil War Sampler by Barbra Brackman. Most of the blocks we are making come from this book and it is the recommended book for the project. 
We are making the 12 inch version of the block.

This is the block in the quilt I made as a sample.

You will need a Light, Medium and a Dark fabric at the minimum, you can go wild and choose more with similar values is you want. Its up to you.


(8) 3.5 inch squares of the light background

(2) 4 inch squares of the light 4 inch background
(4) 4 inch squares of the medium fabric
(2) 4 inch squares of the Dark fabric

Sub Cut all the 4 inch squares into triangles by cutting them in half diagonally. Bring all your pieces to Quilt Club tomorrow along with your sewing machine, rotary cutter to trim up blocks and a small ruler.


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