Monday, March 7, 2016

Sedona Rose Quilt

Have a gander at this lovely quilt I had the pleasure to quilt over the last couple weeks. Isn't it just splendid? It was pieced by Peggy Claggett. Mea Bernina in Lawrence, KS is currently doing it as a block of the month. They wanted it quilted with a more modern style so I had a go with miles of thread and 7 thread colors. almost all of the quilt is hand guided, but I used point to point to quilt the arches around the medallion.

I am always curious about how long it took someone to piece a quilt and this one totally blows my mind. It took Peggy about 9 months to put together, and it was done perfectly square. So when I think about taking 3 weeks to quilt, that seems about right.  So without further ado lets have a bunch of pictures.

And of course a shot of the back. Look at all that pretty thread! Yummy.

OK, have the best Monday ever.


  1. That is fantastic! Both the quilt and your quilting!!

  2. WOW_WEEEEEE! That's one funky quilt!

  3. What patience you have. BEautiful!
    I would have been terrified to quilt a quilt that took so long to make.


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