Saturday, July 9, 2016

some quilts I quilted for Ruthie

Hi there! I wanted to pop in to show you some quilts I finished for Ruthie a moth or so ago. One is custom and the other is an edge to edge.

Ruth's combined these lovely twilled pieces with her stunning Kaffe Fassett fabric.

Twilling is a type of hand stitching that creates the wonderful raised motifs. She didn't want them heavily quilted so I just outlined them to they wouldn't puff up after the quilt is washed.

I combined swirls in the background with straight lines in the churn dash blocks.

This next wonderful quilt was one she worked on at a Kaffe Fassett workshop at Missouri Star Quilt Company. I loved her stories about the workshop and Kaffe and Brandon Mably.

She wanted a pretty dense all over design so I used Arches. I LOVE Arches and would happily use it on everything.

Have the best day!

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