Tuesday, May 22, 2018

My Block Of Every Other Month Quilt is finished!

Hi There Folks!

I hope you are all doing well. I have been busy quilting as usual. I have been traveling to teach and do trunk shows too. That has been quite fun. Earlier this month I squeezed my own quilt into the Custom quilt queue. It was super fun to quilt. I don't make many quilts these days as I spend most of my time quilting for people. While I was making this quilt I knew how I wanted to quilt each section so the quilting went quite quickly. I think the quilt needs a different name than #KCMQGBOEOM What are your ideas for a different name? I stink at naming quilts.

Here I am in my sunny studio. I have a basement studio too. My quilting business has swollen to take up quite a bit of the house. If we ever move I think I need an out building to set up shop it. Oh and that fluff ball under my arm is my daughter's cat Ragnar. He is a dream boat.  All the tutorials for this quilt are here on my blog and over on my Youtube Channel. If you make blocks from my tutorials I sure would LOVE to see them. Please tag me on Instagram, or send me a picture. I will happily make more tutorials if I see that people are using them. Its a little vainglorious to just write posts that no one reads or is inspired by. So sound off if you are here. Now, lets look at pictures.

Almost ALL the fabric in this quilt is Cotton+Steel from my shop. Go get some for yourself if you like. For the next couple days you can use the code SUMMERBREAK to get 15% off your fabric purchase of $25 or more. There is some great stuff in the shop and more on the way.

I used 2 layers of batting. Quilters Dream Blend on the bottom and Wool on top. Using two layers of batting creates a false trapunto look. The un-quilted bits pop and it looks more fancy. The quilting can really show off.

The whole quilt is quilted with Glide thread in the color Tar Heel. Not only is it a great color, but I like the name too.

I did a little curved crosshatching because it is fun and I don't do it very often. I love Linda's rulers from The Quilted Pineapple. They are the best I have ever used.

So there you go. Everything I can think of about this quilt. Please ask questions if any spring to mind.



  1. I think you know by now I LOVE everything about this quilt, the fabrics the quirky design and now your quilting has just topped it off into magnificent! I watched all your Youtube tutorials.
    I am very inspired.........hope to hear from you soon....wink wink.

  2. YOU are AmAzInG! I love love love this quilt. I think I’d name it Long Way around the Block... since it took a LONG time because you had to drag it out for the guild and it’s so many fun blocks. :) Thanks for sharing your passion and talent with the world. It matter!

  3. i am longing for new pics of your quilting endeavors...
    have a happy 4th of July.


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