Thursday, March 29, 2012

something old

 Hey there! How are you doing? I hope you are good. Here is something you may or may not know about me. I love old quit tops and blocks. I love looking at how they were constructed I love looking at their fabric variety I love thinking about what was going on in the quilters life and wondering why she was not able to finish her project. I also really love to complete the quilts. Lately my hunting has gotten a bit out of control and I am going to need to figure out just exactly what I am going to actually do with all these old quilts. Besides use them....My house is full to bursting with quilts that I have made. But maybe a home can't have too many quilts, right?

 So, let's take a peek at this one. It arrived today from Ebay. $20 including shipping. Not a bad top. It is quite old, but what really excited me about this one is the way the quilter constructed the blocks. This would have been a really quick and easy quilt to piece today. Heck I think I could go into my sewing room and whip this top up in about 4 hours with strip piecing and rotary cutting. I think she found the most difficult way possible to to this pattern.

 Look at that! It is all inset seams. Amazing, isn't it? This lady did not do things the easy way did she?

 I also love how over here on the side she used a totally different color red. It is not faded...just a different shade all together. It makes me think of all these questions that I would love to ask her.

 I bought these blocks from Etsy. Aren't they pretty? These are really old and smell a bit like something used them as a latrine at some point in history. Some blocks are ok, others aren't. But for $12 I really wanted them. I think they would make a really pretty piece of art if they were just mounted in a 2 sided glass frame, don't you? Maybe in my forever home I will do that.

 Isn't this a fun block?

I know I have enough fabric of my own to sew with for the rest of my life, but there is always room in my studio for other quilter's orphans. I have a quilt orphanage! There is always room for inspiration and space to learn something from the fingers that took the time to stitch out these blocks.

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