Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tree Of Life Quilt

Hey there folks! Are you ready to take a look at an amazing quilt? This is going to be a picture heavy post...but this quilt deserves tons of pictures!

Today I present to you a Tree of Life quilt. This quilt belongs to a friend of a friend. She got this top from her husbands aunt and was looking for someone to finish it for her. She interviewed a bunch of quilters and decided to send it to me. This quilt took a long (for me) time to finish. The quilt is designed to have a large scallop edge, but the lady I quilted it for wanted straight sides.

Before you get terribly impressed with my traditional quilting skills, just know that this quilt was stamped with the intended quilting design. I was not positive if the little blue dots would wash out, so I quilted along them. I figured it would disguise the dots if they don't wash out. I found a website that discussed this type quilt and it said how to remove the dots...but I am not sure i it has ever been pressed as the heat from a hot iron will probably set those dots for eternity. I am going to wash in in just a bit before sending it away. Wish me luck!

My friend Lynn did a bit of research on this quilt shortly after I showed the first pictures of it on Instagram. If you would like to learn a bit more try this site. As for the binding, I hand stitched the binding. I forgot how long that takes! At any rate I hope Tammy is pleased, I sure loved working on it for her!

Happy sewing folks.


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