Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lori's quilt

Hey there! How are you all doing? I hope you are good. I have been busy quilting away. I had a great Statler Stitcher Class last week with Beth (Show Me Quilting). I bought my New Gammill from her earlier this year and she has been teaching me some of its more complicated tricks. Really Really amazing stuff....I quilted this top for Lori right after I finished her class and some easy going back and forth lines was just the thing for a mind filled to bursting with new ideas!

The texture on this quilt is going to be really amazing. I used Quilters Dream Cotton batting in Deluxe loft. I just bought a roll of it and I love it. Seems each batting I use by Quilters Dream I love. At the moment I provide Quilters Dream Cotton (in both Select and Deluxe loft), Quilters Dream Wool, Quilters Dream blend and Quilters Dream Puff. I have not tired the puff yet...maybe on my next quilt?

I also wanted to show this label on the back of the quilt. Isn't that great? I do love my Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild.

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