Monday, November 18, 2013

a space quilt or hexagons 3 ways

This is a quilt I made recently for the quilt shop I work at. It is a shop sample, but I am not sure what will really become of it. I (or Jerry) need to write up a pattern and make some kits…but we don't have enough of the back ground fabric to do so…so it is folded up on a shelf. I think it is quite striking so I wanted to share it with you all here on my blog.

The piecing was rather simple, mostly applique but what really makes it shine is the quilting and the use of ombre fabric. I used 2 layers of batting. Quilters dream cotton on the bottom and quilters dream Puff batting on the top which makes for really nice lofty quilting. Very dimensional quilting.

 I wanted it to look like wind or space gas? moving through the void of the great abyss.

I love a back as much as the front.

If this is a kit you would like to make up let me know and I will push it a little harder at Quilters Quarters. It was a really quick quilt. I think straight lines would be just as lovely as the wild quilting I did.

Have a great evening!


  1. This quilt is awesome. It would be great for the bed of a little boy who might not go for "traditional" quilt patterns and styles. The final quilting is spectacular--- it's beautiful on both sides.

    1. thank you so much Elizabeth. My boys really liked it! They aren't particularly hard to please, but they do know quilts;o).


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