Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lots of doing not much blogging.

Hey there! Do you recall the good old days when I used to blog a lot? I do! Gosh I used to always have my camera handy and I took loads of pictures and as soon as I "did it" I blogged about it! Now I am so busy that while I have still been doing things (probably 5 times as many things) I take pictures with my phone and Instagram them...and they don't get blogged at all. So did they really happen? I guess so...my Instagram says they did at least. So please, if you want to be overloaded with quilting pictures follow me on Instagram. I am TiaCurtisQuilts there too! I am doing so many things I need to make a bullet list...
  • I have 40 bolts of Cotton and Steel fabric I need to list in my etsy.com shop
  • I have about 20 bags and quilts I need to list in my shop too
  • I am writing patterns
  • I am teaching classes - both private quilting lessons on the long arm and I am teaching in quilt shops
  • I am teaching Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival 2015
  • I am renting out one of my long arms for quilters who are near by and want to quilt their own quilts on my long arm 
  • I am being a mom, nurse to my 3 kids and various neighbor ones, house cleaner, wife, lover and personal cook to a household of foodies. Sometimes I am a dog walker and always a tea drinker. 
SO yeah...I am being a Doer instead of a blogger...and that is good for me and my family it is not so good for my online business. I do want to try to blog at least once a week...that should be a doable goal right?

I did whip out my camera a couple of times over the last two weeks...

The quilt possee met at my house. We worked on fun fast ways to make half square triangles. We had a couple drop ins and have to leave early so we just did really easy stuff.

My dining room is getting too small for everyone, we may need to expand to my sun room as well...some day hopefully we will swell out to one of the local shops. That would be awesome!

Here are our finished blocks. Lemoyn Stars but crazy easy using half square triangles instead of Y seams. Mine is the dorked up one on the bottom right. It looks more like a mean transformer face. Oh well...I got distracted and the conversation and food was great so I don't really care.

I think I finished 10 edge to edge quilts over the last 2 weeks but only managed to take a real picture of this one. Edge to edge quilts are so quick! They are up and off my table in about 3 hours so I rarely get good pictures of them. This quilt pattern is named Board Shorts by Alex Ledgerwood and the e2e quilting design is Modern Maze 3.

Amy came over to rent a long arm and she quilted this entire t-shirt quilt in 3 hours. That is awesome! I charge $20 and hour to rent my hand guided long arm. You will need to take a quick class with me about loading up quilts and I teach some simple all over designs on muslin. Than you are off to the races. I rent out regularly to a couple ladies in ton, but I love having company down in my studio so please email me if you are Near Leavenworth, KS and want to quilt some of your own quilts. Save your back! Rent long arm time!

OK, that is it for today! I have quilts calling my name! I am taking the camera down with me too!

Have a great week!

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