Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Holly's Quilt

Hey there! This is my new friend Holly. She had me quilt her lovely spiderweb quilt. If you can possibly believe it this was her very first quilt ever. When she dropped it off I thought she was joking. She had seen some pictures of instagram and wanted it custom quilted similar to several that Angela Walters did. I couldn't do the same thing for a couple reasons...I am no Angela is the #1 reason. So I did a Tia on it...which in mind was pretty good.

Holly wanted it to be quite fluffy, so I used wool batting. I love the loft of wool batting.

I really wanted to quilt a spiderweb or two on here...but she was adamant NO Spiderwebs. Bummer.

I love how she crazy pieced the kites between the octagons.

Here is most of the quilt. I think she did such a great job and I love the sweet color palette. This quilt is for her little girl.

Holly used the pattern by Sarah Fielke in the book Material Obsession 2.

I just finished 3 lovely pieces for quilt market. They look great if I do say so myself. I am now deep into writing patterns for them in case they get picked up by a magazine while at market.

Have the best day ever!

Tia Curtis


  1. Holly is adorable! Your quilting is great, but hard to see on this busy quilt, but her daughter will love it. Do you use a special circle ruler for those circles???? They look so round.

    1. Karen, I don't use a circle template, I just quilt them free hand. I have lots of muscle memory from making lots of circles over the years. Now if you were to look close you will see they really aren't perfect...but imperfection is lovely too. ;0)

  2. What a beautiful quilt but I absolutely love what you did with the quilting on it. What a way to add such great personality to the quilt.


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