Monday, August 10, 2015

crop I love you.

Hey there folks,

I get asked frequently what my favorite e2e (edge to edge pattern) is for quilts. Hands down, for the moment, my favorite design in Overlapping crop circles. I love it. Great texture, pretty design.

This is a quilt I made for someone special. It is hard to let go of, but I think it will be loved where it is going.

I used Crop Circles on Nicole's quilt as well. I did an E2E in the center and quilted fancy borders for her. This way you definitely get a custom quilted touch, but at a more affordable price. Sometimes all Custom Quilted pieces can cost quite a bit.

I know the feathers are hard to see in the outside border, but I took these pictures in my studio, in the evening when the light is not so fantastic.

Have the best day ever!


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