Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fort Leavenworth Quilt Club BOM quilt 2016

Hey there Quilters!

I am super excited to share the next Block of the Month I will doing with the Ft Leavenworth Spouse club. I chose several traditional blocks that we will be making together with the club, but I will also be sharing each block here on my blog for those of our awesome Quilt Posse who have moved to all reaches of the planet. Heck if you want to follow along you are more than welcome. There are all sorts of blocks here, nothing too crazy but enough of a challenge to be fun.

Like any quilt there are several ways to put it together. I choose the blocks on point because I thought I was going to do fancy pants quilting...but turns out I didn't have the time. I mean the quilting is intense, but it was mostly done digitally.

This was my second favorite layout. So you can choose this one.

Or this one is a bit less busy. I liked it too.

This is the on point version I chose.

I decided to add a time stamp so this will be an option for you and I made some fun New York Beauty blocks for the corners.

I kinda dig the back and can't wait to wash it, but I have to find the time to bind it first.

I still need to trim this puppy with all the stray threads, but it is pretty fun.

The body of the quilt was an E2E design and I trimmed out the center block so I could quilt that one free hand.

OK, the fun all begins on Tuesday the 6th of October. I will give cutting instructions ahead of time so we can all piece the blocks together at my house, or you can do it at your own dwelling.



  1. Tia, this is stunning! I adore the quilt, colors, style and, of course, the quilting is phenomenal as always. WOO HOO!! ~ Christina


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