Thursday, November 5, 2015

Texas Flag quilt #18

Hey there!

I have a question for you...Have you ever made the same quilt more than one time? Every once in a while I do. When I am testing out patterns I normally end up making 3 of the same quilts, and I made the Scrappy Trip around the World 3 times I think, but that didn't really count because they were always with different awesome fabric so they were all their own thing. Now...The Texas Flag quilts have gotten into their own category. I think I have made 18 of these quilts. Back when I first started making them in 2010 or 2011 I thought I was a dynamite quilter. Now I think it is kinda humbeling to look back at the way I quilted them. I much prefer the way I quilt now, but in this time I have had a great deal of personal and professional growth.

So far this is my very favorite version. I was comissioned to make this quilt for a new Texas baby. I love it and think it is the perfect gift for a baby...any baby.  It is a good size quilt for a child to grow with, it also can be used as a wall hanging if that blows your hair back.

I kinda want to do another and quilt it similar. These are so fun to quilt (especially after quilting a bunch of E2E quilts) it is like therapy I tell you. Its so nice to let my mind go into auto pilot ( I have no idea really what I am thinking about while I quilt) but when I check back in with reality normally most of the quilting is finished and I need to go back and do some fill work. I have tried listening to podcasts, but normally I end up getting annoyed with them and turn them off.

I really love the mix of straight lines in with the curves and swirls.

I prewash the red fabric because sometimes that stuff runs.

Heres the back. Pretty pretty pretty. So, if you want to see some of the other Texas Flag quilts I have made over the years you can use the search function here on my blog (over on the right sidebar) search for Texas Flag quilt or just click on that section that says Texas quilts. Your choice.

Now, if you want one for yourself or your own favorite Texan I happily take commissions to make them. Shoot me an email or check out my shop.



  1. I love this! Your quilting is so amazing! I want to quilt like you when I grow up :).

    1. Thanks katy! I have come a long way over the years. Some of my early Texas flag quilts are kinda embarrassing. My best friend has one and I want to replace it with a new one the tension was a total nightmare but I didn't know any better then . But her son loves it and sleeps eith it every night.

  2. Just beautiful quilting! Question: When quilting on red, white and blue, what thread color do you use to quilt across such different colors? White or gray? Maybe gold?

    1. Thanks dana! I just use an off white. I'm not thrilled about how it looks on the blue, but the quilting is supposed to be wind so it's ok if it contrasts I think.


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