Thursday, August 18, 2016

More Quilts

Hi there Everyone!
I hope you are all doing well. I have been busy these last few weeks of summer. My website is up and live. Thank you all so much for visiting it and looking around. The feedback has been great and I am so happy it has been helpful to you all to be able to pick your own e2e designs from the multitude that I have available. I will be adding more, so check back often. I had to stop for a while because they all started looking the same. 

My kids went back to school this week and I have been feeling a little lost without their racket and squabbling. The Long arm has been stitching away though and I have many wonderful quilts to work on and a couple patterns to get finished up and published on the website. My husband is in charge of the technology side of our business and is eagerly awaiting me to put on the finishing touches so he can hit the publish button.

Lets look at some pretty quilts! This is a chevron that I finished a bit ago for Nancy. I may have already blogged about it.But lets look at it again. I quilted another gorgeous quilt for her, but I failed to get a single real picture of it before giving it back to her at KCMQG last week.

I LOVE these vines. They are so wild and whimsical. Easy and quick to do too. In the Kaffe Fasset fabric I did rather simple quilting.

Here is a little wall hanging I quilted for Lori. Don't these flowers look like a pretty bunch of  ranunculus? It was very fun to quilt.

I especially love that last border quilting. This design is in Jodi Robinson's little book. I just love how fun it was to quilt.

This will be the first quilt pattern I publish independently. I have many patterns in books and magazines, but I am excited to offer exclusive ones on my own. I didn't choose contrasting flowers/background very well and that is frustrating, so I had to try to outline the appliqué with black sketchy quilting.

This is a custom job I did for Kelly and the quitl shope she works at The Modern Quilter in Omaha, Nebraska. It will be a Block of the Month. The pictures don't do it justice, but I was loosing my light and had to take some quick pictures before I jumped in the car and dashed off to Kansas City for guild.

I had this massive blue open space to quilt. I chose a big blue vine/feather and some swirls.

Its so hard to see, but the main blocks have echo quilting or some curved cross hatching.

This was a really fun quilt to work on. I have also been flying through edge to edge quilts too. I did 3 yesterday and 4 more over the last 2 days.

Well I hope you all enjoy your last bit of summer and if your kids are in school too I hope you can get some sewing done just for the fun of it!



  1. Tia, I swoon over your quilting!! Is that a monogram quilted into Nancy's chevron quilt? I'm just sayin' you have mad skillz girlfriend! :) Thanks for all the great photos and inspiration! :) ~ Christina in FL

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, Christina it is a monogram, and I hung the quilt upside down, so the monogram should be down toward the bottom. And I made a mistake. The quilt is Cindy's quilt, but Nancy did the monogram. It was Nancy's quilt I totally failed to get a picture of.


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