Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dreamscape quilt for Carrie Bloomston

Hi There Folks!

Wow. It has been such a long time since I blogged. I have been so busy quilting and I even got to take a little personal time and take a couple classes. It felt so indulgent to take some time and learn something new. I will blog about it later I hope.

Today I wanted to show you the quilt I made for quilt market. I only did one this market and I am so please that I made that decision. I figured if it was only going to be one quilt it should be a pretty wild one. 

Carrie Bloomston sent out the call for her quilting friends and as soon as I saw the fabric I knew JUST what I wanted to do with it. I have designing quilts and bags for Carrie's quilt market booth since she began designing fabric. I always love her work and her kind soul is an example for me to try to follow. 

I wanted to fussy cut and appliqué. I wanted it to be a modern broderie perse with a great deal of movement. I wanted the feathers and beautiful bees to be tossed about in a whirlwind. I was on a very quick timeline and all of this appliqué was needle turn so towards the end I was getting a little sore. I just tossed the little pink pluses down on the quilt and stitched them down where the fell. Oh! and this time I used glue stick to hold it all in place while I worked. Glue stick worked awesome!

This was the top before I quilted it. This shot does not do Carrie's wonderful colors justice. I always love her colors. I strip pieced the inner border.

I quilted it in a big radiating spiral. I have not got a perfect spiral figured out yet on the long arm, so I just did it wild and free. I love this quilting so much.

I used a wool batting because it is my favorite. You should try it next time.

Gosh I love this quilt so much. Such fun easy shapes to stitch down. I have been thinking about ordering enough of this fabric to kit the pattern...but I have never done that before and I don't know what sort of success that endeavor would be.

At any rate I loved making it. I loved the quiet stitching and the time I was able to spend sitting with my little family while I worked. I do hope appliqué becomes more popular. It is so nice to work on and let your mind wonder and dream.

Carrie Bloomston is having a giveaway on HER blog. GO there and leave a comment to win a bundle of fabric and a copy of her wonderful book The Little Spark. The winner will be selected on the first of November. You still have time to enter!



  1. I saw a quick shot of this quilt this morning on an IG story - and had to know more! I love the spinning, dreaming impression it creates, the combination of techniques and wonderful mix of colours. The result is amazing!

  2. Gorgeous quilt and I love the movement!!!

  3. Stunning! I loved seeing all of your sneak peeks on IG while you were working on it. This does inspire me to check out applique! :)

  4. You continue to amaze with your very creative designs and excellent execution. You really inspire me!

  5. Love your quilting! And I agree, wool batting rocks!
    (Do you know how it holes up to moths?)

  6. What a beautiful quilt and fabrics. I love the spiral quilting. I have never used wool batting, but think that it would be an excellent choice. Dreamscape collection is also very beautiful.


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