Friday, February 24, 2017

Something is afoot

Hi There!

I am very busy these days quilting. At the moment I have access to a second computerized machine. It is really ramping up my edge to edge output. I am currently accepting quilts for edge to edge treatments and edge to edge with borders. Please email me if you have some that need to be quilted quickly and professionally. I have sailed through all the Edge to edge quilts in my queue, so turn around is just the quilt ahead of it. You can see many of my Edge to edge designs on my Website

Here are a couple I quilted recently.

This first quilt is a lovely Farm Girl Vintage quilt. All these blocks are pretty small. Lori did an outstanding job on them.

She wanted wondering spirals for the center and left the border up of me.

Its hard to see in the picture, but it is a whimsical feather vine.

Lori always makes the best backs. And she always has (or all the quilts I quilt for her have had) a pieced "L" on the back as a signature. I think that is so brilliant.

This next fabulous quilt is a Charming Log Cabin Block quilt by Barbara Eikmeier. She is teaching this fabulous block technique at Meadows Quilt shop tomorrow. I am going to take the class. I have a million charm packs laying around and I must learn this.

Again, it is hard to see, but there is a Modern Snail edge to edge in the center and I did a Baby Welsh Arc border. I think it is super cute and really fun to quilt.

And Finally I quilted this big star quilt. I needed another edge to edge quilt to try quilting on, and I had no more customer quilts left so I ripped this one out really fast. It is a big (I think around 80 inches) I will bind it and have it listed in my shop at some point in time. I really wanted to use the new Cotton+Steel Strawberries print before it sold out of my Shop. Sadly it is all gone now.

OK, That is it. Send me your quilts! My machines are hungry!



  1. All lovely, the Farm Girl Vintage is my fav. Have fun with the new machine....exciting!

  2. You always do beautiful quilting Tia!! The wandering swirl is perfect. Love the quilts and I can't wait to hear about your mysterious quilting machine! Have fun!! ~ Christina in FL


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