Thursday, April 27, 2017

I won a Cotton+Steel Bernina. Crazy right?

Hi there everyone!

I sure hope you and your loved ones are all healthy and happy. We are good here. I have so many great things to share that I feel like I may burst. I get to go pick up the Cotton+Steel Bernina sewing machine that I won. What?!?!?! Yes indeed! I WON a Bernina sewing machine I still feel like it is a dream. So so crazy. So tomorrow I will find out if it is all a big hilarious joke or not. You all know that Cotton+Steel is my favorite fabric, so much so that I order it by the bolts so I can have unfettered access to it...and I sell some on the side in my shop.

Alice from Bernina asked which one I wanted and I choose the blue one. I mean heck, not only did I win a Bernina sewing machine, I also get to PICK which one I want. Its name is Hello Lovely. Isn't that sweet. Well, I will know more tomorrow. I get to go to Mea Bernina in Lawrence, Kansas and take 2 classes on how to operate the new machine. Goodness Gracious I am so excited!



  1. You really hit the jackpot! Great win!!

  2. Congratulations on your surprise win, how exciting for you!!!!
    What will you make on it first????


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