Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cross and flowers quilt

 I finally took the time to finish the binding on this quilt.  I LOVE it! Can I say that again... I LOVE this quilt. This is one of the things that I just can't believe I made. I feel like someone else must have made it and forgot it in my house. I had a completly wonderful time quilting this quilt.

 I wanted to do something special around the tulips besides just hand quilting them, so I added bubbles and I think they look just right.

 I think this cross quilt block is wonderful, don't you? I used a tutorial from  the long thread. You should give it a try too! I used a wool batting in this quilt. I love wool. If you have never used it before, I really urge you to try it out. The wool batting I use is from Quilters Dream Batting. I have it available for the quilts I quilt as well as their cotton batting.
I decided to quilt more leaves and buds along the vine instead of appliqueing them on. I don't know if you can tell from the picture or not, but the cotton thread I used to quilt this piece is a pale variegated yellow.


  1. I see why you love this quilt. It's gorgeous!

  2. Hi Tia, I just love, love, LOVE this quilt! I am sure I commented on here before though but can't see it... must be me!


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