Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Geese Flying Over the Pond Quilt

 Hey there! How are you all doing today? I hope you are good. Fall is upon us, we even got some rain on Saturday. It was so wonderful. The thirsty desert tried to quench it's need, but in my humble opinion we will need about a week and a half of steady rain to make a difference in the drought we have been dealing with.

So, since it is fall (and this is the latest quilt I have finished)  I give you...."Geese Flying Over the Pond".

I made this quilt for Michelle Engel Bencsko of Cloud 9 Fabric. I have made a couple other quilts for her

Dog Wood, Shade Garden, Miscellany and now this one.

Michelle sent me a stack of fat quarters and wanted a 60 inch quilt. She let me do whatever I wanted for this quilt. I love that. Here is a wonderful stack of organic cotton fabric...do whatever you want with it. So I was looking at the stack of pretty fabric and I was thinking to myself, this fabric looks like fall. I was wishing it was cooler here (I think we were well into our over 100 days of 100 degrees) and I just wished for some cool weather. What really signals that the cooler weather is on the way? Leaves changing colors, that smell of autumn....pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks?? Well, I think looking up and seeing flocks of geese honking away to each other as they fly south is pretty fallish, right?

I love Flying Geese Quilts. All those triangles are scary though aren't they? Well, actually they are just a bit time consuming, but not hard at all. If you have never made flying geese blocks before here is a tutorial for my favorite method

Sarah Fielke is one brilliant lady isn't she?

Since I had 4 background colors I made the brown geese fly North, the Yellow geese are flying North, the red ones are flying East and the cream geese are flying west.

I had a fantastic time quilting this quilt with my long arm.

I made a little fern going around the last boarder. Ferns always remind me of the fall and the forest and lakesides. So I figured a fern would be just fine.

So, if you are at quilt market in Houston, this quilt should be in the Cloud 9 Fabric booth. Say hi to it for me! I will be wondering around market too....I can't wait!


  1. Oh, wow, how I love this quilt you made! And whoever put those fabrics together did a great job, too! I vowed I could not, would not follow anymore blogs, but I just fell in love with yours! eek!

    1. Thanks Jodi!
      This was a collection of fabric from Cloud9 Studio. It was from all the prints in the collection. I just thought fall...and what goes along with fall? Migrating Geese! So I made a ton of flying geese blocks and put them all into the quilt top.


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