Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A moment for catch up.

Up until last year I used to always quilt and piece with my camera by my side. Depending on where we lived I would have lovely natural light to snap my process pictures. Well since moving to Leavenworth I have taken to leaving the camera upstairs and only taking my phone downstairs to my studio. I suppose it is the convince of the phone always being in my pocket. Well, since I have taken to using my phone the pictures don't move to my camera that easily (well they really do, I just have to upload them…and that takes TIME!!!) So I have quilted heaps of quilts that I have not taken good pictures of. That is sad. It is almost like they never happened!

Well, Happily I did recall to take my camera down with my with these two quilts. This lovely dresden plate quilt was made by Jen. I just had the pleasure of quilting it for her. I love quilting for Jen as she has such a glorious stash of fabric to look at while I travel my long arm from one side to the other.

I custom quilted this quilt…but due to the bad pictures the quilting is hard to see.

This quilt is a birthday present for her daughter. I love that! Happy Birthday!!!!!

Next up is a wonderful scrap quilt by Shari. This quilt was very popular on my Facebook page, but I don't know if the friends and family on my Facebook know about the almost cult following the "Scrapvomit" quilt had all over the blogs and Instagram. Heck most of my friends and family on Facebook have no clue what I really do as a day job and think I actually MAKE all the quilts I quilt. Nope. I just quilt them. I rarely actually MAKE quilts anymore just for the thrill of it. Most of the quilts I make now are for patterns or for magazines. Not that I am complaining, I love that!  Quilting is my favorite part of the quilt making process anyway, so I sure don't mind. Quilt it up!

Shari has a grand fabric stash as well. Most of the quilts I have done for her in the past have been made from mens button up shirts. All those stripes look so great together. This quilt I quilted for her is with an edge to edge design that looks quite custom. I love it. It is one of my favorite at the moment.

You can see the detail better here on the back.

I love quilting for Shari and Jen! I hope you have fun binding your quilts!

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  1. Wow, Love all the scrappy looks and your quilting is wonderful! You inspired me to get some of the scraps out and play!!!


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