Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jenny's Beautiful Quilts

Good Morning! I am really excited to share 2 of Jenny's quilts with you today. She is such a gifted quilt maker and I LOVE LOVE LOVE quilting for her. Both of these quilts are really big, so I don't have the best pictures. Please use your imaginations.

The first one it an astonishing version of Tula Pink's Anchor quilt. The free pattern can be found HERE. Tula's version has solid background stripes, but Jenny took it up a couple notches and pieced the stripes with fabulous little fussy cut squares.

I had a blast quilting this quilt. I used 2 layers of batting to really emphasize the quilting. A layer of Quilters Dream Cotton in Deluxe loft and a layer of Quilters Dream Wool batting.  Each little square has been quilted individually.

I tried a new design for these wide borders. The effect is almost like a Celtic knot, it seems to interlace. These were all done freehand and they were rather time consuming, but I love the result.

 Jenny wanted me to quilt a filigree cross inside the anchor. I sketched and brainstormed and scoured the Internet to find some good examples of crosses that I could translate into a quilt design. In the end I selected 2 of Karen Mctavish's elemental designs to plop into the cross and quilt with my Statler Stitcher. The rest is freehand. It is nice to have the perfection of the computer quilt something and then fill in the rest with my own art.

Look at all this wonderful fussy cutting! I love it so much. Not all the squares were perfect squares. Some were rectangles and some didn't line up, but I think that is part of the charm of this quilt. There is just so much to see!

I love the Jenny's Label too! You can see the filigree at the bottom of the cross in this shot.

Next up is Lots of Dots. You can find this pattern HERE. It was even bigger than the Anchor quilt. Initially Jenny Said that she was trying to make the Anchor quilt big enough to be the BACK of this quilt.

Again Jenny filled her quilt with fussy cut splendor in the form of priceless, OOP, impossible to find fabric.

She wanted this one quilted with Latitude/longitude lines. I love how the simplicity of the quilting makes the fabric pairings sing. This quilt has one layer of Quilters Dream Cotton Batting in Deluxe loft. It is a very heavy quilt that will be fabulously warm! Which is a good thing because tomorrow will be super cold!

Here is the label for this quilt. Isn't it great? I need to label more of my quilts.

Do you want to know what is even better than Jenny's quilts? Jenny Herself! She is just the most sizzling little human being. She almost crackles with electricity.

I hope you all enjoyed Jenny's Quilts! I am off to quilt a really neat Cotton and Steel quilt.



  1. Love your quilting Tia! Beautiful!

  2. so fabulous to see Jennys quilts pop up on your blog Tia! great teamwork!


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