Friday, January 6, 2012

Women of the Bible Quilt Sampler

 Hey there! I have another quilt finished for 2012.  Hot dog! Well, this one was started ages ago. It began as a BOM (block of the month) back in 2006.  The BOM was with Stitchin Heaven. If you ever want to do a BOM they are wonderful! You pay your money and every month they send you wonderful fabric to cut up and instructions about what to make. It was wonderful and I learned so much from it. I finished the blocks while we were stationed in Australia, but I was too unsure of how to quilt it. Back then I did not have a Long arm in my quilting studio like I do now. I was quilting up a storm on my Berninas, but something this big...and something I had put this much work into needed special quilting so I put in in my closet, or drawer or bin...we moved to Kansas and then we moved to Texas.

 Well, my quilt taste has changed quite a bit since I made this top and it was no longer a priority or even really a favorite. Isn't that horrible? I worked so hard on this quilt and put so much money into it and I really don't even like it. Right after I bought my Gammill and had my sweet husband set it up for me I knew that this would be one of the first quilts I quilted on it. Between you and me I wish I would have waited. I HATE how I quilted this quilt, but live and learn right?

 I finally finished the binding on the quilt (even though it was been on my bed since I took it off the quilting frame). My husband likes the quilt, so I guess we will keep in and throw it into the family quilt rotation.  It is really wonderful and the fabric is so pretty.  If I could magically remove all the quilting I would quilt is so very different now.

 I did quilt on a wild vine boarder...which you can barely see so I don't know why I bothered, but I did. It is actually my favorite part of the quilting.

The quilting is all these wavy, ripply lines. By themselves I love them...but I don't think it goes with this quilt much at all. I be the women of the bible are rolling around in their tombs...well maybe they aren't quilters and could really care less. That is probably it.

I think this is the book that these block came from More Biblical Quilt Blocks. Just in case you are feeling the urge to make a sampler quilt.

Have a great evening!


  1. How or where do I get this pattern. Thank you.
    Charlotte Mills

  2. How or where can I obtain this quilt pattern?

    1. Hi Charlotte! This quilt was a BOM that I started back in 2007. I am not sure if the shop is offering the BOM anymore. I bet you can still buy the book though. The book is named More Biblical Quilt Blocks by Rosemary Makhan. Here is a link to it on Amazon


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