Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Welsh Quilt

 Hey there! I sure hope you aren't sick of this quilt already. I think this is definitely one of my very favorites. It was finally not wildly windy this morning so I took it out for a couple sunny pictures.

 This was a new type of quilting for me and I know for sure I will be using this technique often in the future. I have another larger project in the works so I can quit it on long arm.

 For this quilt the quilting was done mostly with my Bernina 165 (a regular home sewing machine - a good machine, but nothing really fancy). I wanted to do all the quilting on my Bernina 820, but that machine is not working correctly and is actually back in Kansas to be repaired (again) or sent back to Bernina.
 I don't want it back unless it is working properly, right?

 I can't wait to translate this detail and style to my long arm quilting.

 Each corner block is quilted differently because I had too hard a time deciding on just one design.

 Did you know about all the meaning in Welsh quilting? The 3 center stripes have different quilting is the path goodness, the path to wickedness and the path to fairyland. In the above picture are the paths to wickedness and the path to fairyland.

 Above is the path to goodness and more of the path toward wickedness.

 I love the back of this quilt...It is so nice to look and feel all that quilting. It crinkled up pretty well after the wash, but since I used wool batting it is not quite so wrinkly.

OK, have a great day! I think I am going to take this quilt over to the quilt shop and see if the owner will let me teach some machine quilting classes. It is a really small town here and the quilting teacher is very old and very set in her ways. I teach from my house of course, but I think it would be really fun to get out from time to time! Wish me luck!


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