Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sewing Tuesday at my House

 On Tuesday some of my wonderful friends came over to sew with me. I am always having such a great time that I forget to take pictures until everyone is packing up to go home or go pick up kids from school. My friend Martha is a fine Vegan cook. She introduced me to home grown sprouts. I will be growing them in my kitchen window as soon as I get them from the Sprout People. She had this fabulous blend of French garden sprouts.

This is Sharon's quilt top. She and I are working on another Welsh quilt. I just can't get enough of them right now.

 Sharon's quilt is grey, teal and red and white pin dots. It is pretty fabulous

 My quilt is more somber...but I plan to liven it up with some fabulous Welsh Quilting. I will be quilting this on the long arm...or maybe the Bernina 820 when it comes home again. I am beginning to get a back long with my long arm quilitng. It makes me so happy to go in and see all the pretty quilts to be quilted.

 This is an old hand pieced and hand quilted quilt. I picked it up at a local antique shop. I have plans for this puppy. I do wish the original quilter would have gone with another color sashing. The purple is a bit off for this quilt. I do love the blocks though. Well, I have some plans for this quilt.

I am making sewing bags, or quilted quilting kits. I think they are fabulous!

And finally this is what is happening in the quilting studio. I have LauraJ's quilt on the frame. This one is so very fun to quilt!

Have a great day and I will talk to you again later!

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