Friday, February 17, 2012

My Swoon Quilt top

 I made my Swoon Quilt! I pretty much LOVE it. I used Echo by Lotta Jansdotter and a hand dyed grey as the back ground. O do not normally use quilt patterns. I am more of a piece with abandon type quilt maker, so when I read the instructions and it said I needed 5 yards of background, I said to myself that that was nonsense, so I pulled out my pretty grey and went to town cutting. I quickly noticed that there is no way I would have enough fabric to finish the entire quilt, so I pulled all my light greys and tried to make it work. I love how patchy it looks.

 I also had to add more fabric to Lotta's 2 tones. SO I added my own map fabric that I made last year with spoonflower. I began to really fall in love with it!

As I was working on the last block for the quilt I made quite a few cutting mistakes. But you know what? I LOVE how it turned out! I think this is my favorite quilt block.  I can't wait to quilt it!

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