Friday, February 17, 2012

Another quilt for John - Joel Dewberry

 Hey there! This is the third quilt I have quilted for John Adams. It is made with Joel Dewberry fabric and has the most wonderful red grunge fabric around as a wide boarder. This was a tricky quilt to quilt. It was tricky because there is so much going on in the body of the quilt. At first I wanted to outline quilt all the triangles in the Pineapple blocks, but after I loaded the quilt up onto the frame I quickly figured out that the quilting would be lost, so I went with one of my favorite swirls for the body of the quilt and focused on the wide boarder for quilting that would be seen. I have been mad for Welsh quilting lately so I wanted to tie that in with this quilt. I wanted to make the arcs into pineapples.

 I think they look like pineapples, I put the pineapple tops into the spaces beside the cross hatching, so it is more stylized and sketch like.

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